New charter submission tool will be available as open-source software

Following an overwhelmingly positive vote by UKRDA members, we are pleased to announce that our new digital charter submission tool Muster will be released under an open-source software license.

The objective of releasing the software is to encourage community involvement in the development of Muster, so that a larger number of users can benefit from its capabilities.

The initial version of Muster is still in production, with a tentative release date for version 1.0 being in October 2015. Effective immediately, however, the source code for Muster is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. The source code is hosted on the UKRDA Github account here:

The UKRDA will continue to maintain an “official” version of Muster, which will include all of the new functionality developed by both the UKRDA development team and any contributions by other members of the community.

We encourage developers to contribute enhancements and improvements to the Muster source code through the standard Github fork/pull-request model. Any contributions will be happily evaluated for inclusion in upcoming releases.

We look forward to exciting new opportunities on improving Muster and making it easier to use!