New Men’s Rankings Released

The men’s UKRDA rankings have been released for the very first time, and Manchester Roller Derby have taken the top spot.

Rank Team Rating Diff
1 Manchester Roller Derby 752.8 Initial
2 The Inhuman League 724.1 Initial
3 Crash Test Brummies 694.3 Initial
4 Milton Keynes Roller Derby 673.2 Initial
5 Nottingham Roller Derby 665.4 Initial

The rankings are based on games played and paperwork submitted before June 30th, 2015 and represent the positions as of July 1st, 2015. Teams are added to the rankings after playing their first sanctioned game against already ranked teams.

This is to ensure that the rankings are not too skewed by initial games.

You can also view past rankings posts using the rankings tag.

Men’s rankings have arrived!

The Crash Test Brummies take on the New Wheeled Order at the 2015 Tattoo Freeze tournament. Photo by MDP Images

The Crash Test Brummies take on the New Wheeled Order at the 2015 Tattoo Freeze tournament. Photo by MDP Images

We are happy to announce that UKRDA men’s leagues will now have rankings based on their sanctioned bouts!

After consultation with our members from men’s leagues, it became clear that they wanted to see teams ranked in the same way as women’s teams.

So, Head of Gaming and Sanctioning, Mistress Malicious, has been working away to see this happen and we can now reveal that it is all in place.

At the start of every quarter, the latest rankings will be posted on the UKRDA website and shared on social media, as we currently do for women’s rankings.

And live stats can also be seen on Flat Track Stats.

To find out more about joining the UKRDA, to get your bouts sanctioned, go to our Join Us page.

UKRDA’s role in British Championships


Sorry for the delay, but we didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag about the men’s element!

There have been recent questions about what UKRDA’s involvement in the British Championship will be, and the potential implications of this. We would like to set the record straight so as to save any further speculation or misunderstanding.

The UKRDA was approached by the developers of the British Champs concept to be involved with the organisation of the tournament as it was felt that the national expansion of the event should be in consultation with the national governing body of the sport. The UKRDA’s involvement was discussed on our forum at length with our member leagues – including those already involved with Heartlands 2014, those who have signed up for the British Championships, and those who declined to take part – who voted overwhelmingly in favour of involvement.

The 2015 British Championships tournament is structured so that UKRDA can have direct oversight of the top two tiers, which will be wholly made up of our members.

All tiers and divisions will be run by the representatives of the teams therein. As with everything in roller derby this tournament is to be run by the leagues, for the leagues, with support from democratically appointed individuals, as per the structure diagram prepared by the British Championships team. This tournament has UKRDA’s approval as it has been put together for the benefit of the UK roller derby community, with support from UKRDA’s directors and some guidance from WFTDA.

The tiers will be governed by the Divisional Heads, who will in turn be supported in their role by the overall governance structure of the tournament.

We have also been working with MRDA to ensure that the men’s side of the tournament is compatible with the women’s side, and to ensure a high standard of oversight throughout.

What we’ve done so far includes developing a support structure for the tier and divisional management, including the formation of a panel to oversee the appointment of key tournament staff and volunteers.

UKRDA has had direct involvement in the development of a comprehensive support network for officials taking on management roles within the 2015 tournament structure and expect the structure to be one that enables officials at higher levels, but also one that nurtures and promotes development for officials early in their derby lives.

No financial support from UKRDA has been agreed at this time and the tournament is planned to run on the teams’ entry fees. There are a number of options being investigated, but these are ongoing and will be announced if and when they are confirmed.

As this is the first time a UK tournament of this type as taken place, there may be teething problems as we go along. However, we are confident that any potential issues can be resolved through proper skater representation and fair, flexible management. This structure is one that will greatly benefit the UK roller derby community, from the grassroots to the top tiers of the game in our country.

We hope that we can build on the work done putting the 2015 British Champs together, as well as the hard work going into creating a British men’s championships, and can create the biggest and best UK-based roller derby tournaments.

The UKRDA directors are happy to answer any questions about our role in the British Championships.

Men’s National Team Selection

The UKRDA, guided by its members is pleased to support the Men’s National Team selection process for England, Scotland and Wales unless already undertaken as specified by any upcoming international tournament organisers. At present, due to the number of male member leagues in the UKRDA we are unable to fully sanction a men’s team as the process would conflict with fair skater selection.

The UKRDA is very keen to offer the men’s international tournament organisers our assistance in upcoming selections, including our coaching application forms and UKRDA representatives who can attend try-outs to ensure impartiality. We can also advise on coaching and team management selection.

For the previous Blood and Thunder Womens’ World Cup event, the organisers wanted to ensure fair selection and as such took applications for National Team coaches first; with supporting letters, which the UKRDA provided.

The UKRDA would like to offer to manage the processing of applications for all National Team Coaches, using the UKRDA coaching application form which has been designed by members and with the support of the derby community. We would like to offer to work with the National Team Coaches & recognise them for all future events up until the end of 2014. The UKRDA would form a committee comprising members impartial and uninvolved with the Men’s World Cup Tournament who would oversee the coaching application process. UKRDA would be happy to work with Tournament organisers to develop an agreed selection process to nominate National Team Coaches. We are aware of the June 1st deadline and would immediately create a timeline if our support was required.

The UKRDA presumes that the National Team Coaches would then take responsibility for individual skater try-outs, with UKRDA Representatives being an impartial presence at team selections, if desired.

We are very keen to support the Men’s teams for the UK in this coming World Cup and we hope by the year 2014 to have fully sanctioned UKRDA endorsed men’s teams.

UKRDA Welcomes Its First Men’s League – Crash Test Brummies


The Crash Test Brummies (CTB) men’s roller derby league formed in February 2012 and draws on a pool of skaters from across the Midlands districts, most of which were previously, and remain, active participants with local women’s leagues as coaches, referees, announcers and non-skating officials (including the Central City Rollergirls, Coventry City Roller Dolls, Birmingham Blitz Dames, Evolution Rollergirls and Wolverhampton Honour Rollers).


The Crash Test Brummies main aim is to promote participation in the sport of roller derby, across the gender spectrum, in the local area and at a national/international level through the involvement in competition. Sporting behaviour is at the centre of their ethos and win or lose, they’re full of ‘derby love’ for those who skate with or against them, and whilst they play to win, their primary interest is in playing for the love of derby itself.


Recruitment is ongoing with more skaters coming into the fold, pulling in a diverse range of people, from complete beginners (with the assistance of established local leagues) through ex-roller hockey players and speed skaters to already active derby participants who’re looking for an opportunity to take on a new role, be that as a player, coach, etc.


CTB are also forming strong relationships with other men’s leagues through closed events, scrimmaging, and hosting guest skaters at their practices and so on. Highlighting their rapid progress, it’s worth noting that, a mere 8 months after forming, they’ve already hosted two closed bouts, competed in the 2012 MERDC, won 1 open bout, and have attended various scrimmages with other men’s leagues across the country and have a very full diary for the year ahead! One of the Managing Directors JC/DC said “We consider our historic membership into the UKRDA a privilege, this an exciting time for us, and we look forward to working with the UKRDA towards helping to build a prosperous future for UK roller derby”

Men’s Euro Roller Derby Champs

2 days, 21 furious mini-bouts and 4 full-length battles – The easiest way to summarise the first ever Men’s European Roller Derby Championships. The UK’s very own Southern Discomfort came from behind against Toulouse’s Quad Guards to take the trophy in the closing seconds in what was surely one of the most tense, exciting bouts of the year.

UKRDA were proud to be there; with President Nancy Spinatra on-hand to answer your questions, Director Phoenix in Flames deep in the action as a team bench-coach and a few dozen men on-track representing UKRDA under the umbrella of their member-leagues.

Phoenix in Flames said of the event “It’s been a superb weekend that’s demonstrated the high-standard of derby being played by men in the UK. I’m confident that the UKRDA will soon benefit from the addition of these men’s leagues within our organisation and their contribution will continue to help us represent and grow roller derby in the UK”.

The event ran like clock-work and congratulations have to be handed to organisers Jammie Dodger, co-head referee’s Cherry Fury and Miss Trial and co-head NSO’s Jess of the D’Erbykills and Dangerous Danger.

Here at UKRDA we’ve certainly come away with plenty of ideas that’ll help us with the planning of our first independent tournament….watch this space for more information as our member leagues continue to contribute to discussions around rankings and tournament structure.

Here come the boys!

The Men’s tournament is just around the corner and here at the UKRDA we’ve had several Men’s leagues approaching us with a view to becoming members. We are really excited that you are all so keen and because so many men at the tournament belong to a primary league that is already a UKRDA member you have been asking if can wear your UKRDA badges.

The answer is Yes! We want to celebrate this, so skaters who belong to UKRDA leagues and who are playing in the tournament can wear our UKRDA patch on their shorts (not on their Men’s League shirt). Your member league should be able to provide you with a patch if you don’t yet have one, or they can contact us to rush-order more.

Let’s see how many of you we can get flying the UKRDA flag at the Men’s Euros.

Watch this space to find out who is going to win the race to be our very first Men’s full member league.