Tattoo Freeze officials and volunteers announced


The UKRDA is please to announce the officials and volunteers who will be taking part in the 2015 Tattoo Freeze tournament.

Rocky Horror Ho (THR)
Razor (CHR)
Jean Quad Grand Slam (CHR)
Captain Kickard
Quad’s Law
Yvel Saint Laurent
Rollin’ Rat
Julius Seesya
stubble entrendre
Zebra Harry
Danger Russ
Orla Skew
Eddie Whizzard

Ma Might (THNSO)
Pettichoke (CHNSO/THNSO)
Pretty Miffed (CHNSO)
So Solid Sue
Crossbow Peep
Pushin’ Daisy
Elli-Wan Kenobi
Stop! Hannah Time
Dr Stevel
Cupid Stunt
Roll Darl’
Drew E. Decimaul
Wild Honey
Honor Rampage
Skye Bruise
Mrs Cake
Erika Jones

Holly Sheet (Lead Announcer)
Robert Quadriguez
Smashlyn Munroe

Eight teams will be taking part in Tattoo Freeze 2015 on Sunday, January 11, at the International Centre, Telford.

For more information, about Tattoo Freeze, go to the event website.

Tattoo Freeze 2015 teams announced!

ctb logo PRW Logo quads logo Rebellion-Roller-Derby-Logo THE_NORFOLK_BRAWDS_Logov1 THE_NORFOLK_BRAWDS_Logov1League2014

We are happy to announce that eight teams will be taking part in Tattoo Freeze 2015 on Sunday, January 11, at the International Centre, Telford.

And for the first time, we will be holding men’s roller derby games.

Teams and Schedule
10am: Rebellion Roller Derby vs The Norfolk Brawds
Midday: The Inhuman League vs Quads of War
2pm: Manchester Roller Derby’s Checker Broads vs Portsmouth Roller Wenches
4pm: Manchester Roller Derby’s New Wheeled Order vs Crash Test Brummies

Medical coverage for the games will be provided by our sponsors, GB-EMS.GBEMS-medium-1000x723pxGBEMS

For more information, about Tattoo Freeze, go to the event website.

Tattoo Freeze 2015 – Officials, announcers and volunteers, we need you!

We would like to welcome all applications for officiating, announcer and volunteer positions for Tattoo Freeze 2015. The event details can be found at the top of the form.

UKRDA looks to invest positively in the roller derby officiating community and as such we will be selecting individuals with a range of experience (i.e. you may not have the most experience in order to be selected).

We look forward to receiving your application and working with you.

To fill in the form click here.

Tattoo Freeze 2014 Sponsors

UKRDA are excited to announce the sponsors for Tattoo Freeze 2014!

We would like to thank Wenlock Water for keeping our thirsty skaters and officials hydrated; Octomuffin, for kindly supplying and printing the T-shirts for the officials team; and finally, GB-EMS for once again providing medical cover for the event.

tattoo-freeze-2014-sponsorsWe can’t run these events without the help of companies like this supporting us, so thanks again to all involved in the above!

Officials and Announcers for Tattoo Freeze 2014

UKRDA are proud to announce the following officials and announcers will be working at the upcoming Tattoo Freeze UKRDA Invitational 2014 event in Telford on the 12th January:


Tournament Head NSOs: Ma Might and B Ref G

Crew Head: JC Danger

  • MissChief
  • Dr Stevel
  • DisorderLee
  • Lizzee Rascal
  • Anull Tramwa
  • WhackHer Phoenix
  • Emmeline Pancakehurst
  • Hairy Mark
  • Krystal Vice
  • Honor Rampage
  • Yvel Saint Laurent

Crew Head: Pettichoke

  • Iron Monger
  • McG
  • Sarah Wilkins
  • Fried Wheely
  • Jack Sour Mash
  • Scrappy Dooooom
  • Statpuss
  • Leanne T Virus
  • Daniella Smith
  • Orla Skew
  • Elli-Wan Kenobi
  • Suga Buzz


Tournament Head Referee: Cherry Fury

Assistant Tournament Head Referee: Xavier Bacon

Crew Head Ref: Crash Test Ref

  • Scream Winchester
  • Von Sleaze
  • Rocky Horror Ho
  • Tre Cruel
  • Rollin Rat
  • Quad’s Law
  • Anton Deck

Crew Head Ref: Xavier Bacon

  • stubble entendre
  • Fu Man Drew
  • Igor Maniac
  • Metal Ed
  • Eddie Whizzard
  • Skabarella
  • Cerbeross


  • Biertrix
  • Holly Sheet
  • Smashlyn Monroe
  • Yours Truly

Tattoo Freeze 2014 – Key Officials Announced

Tattoo Freeze is fast approaching and we’ve got some of our key officials already sorted;  Ma Might and BrefG are Tournament Head NSOs and Pettichoke and JC Danger will be Crew Head NSOs.

There are a couple of days left for you to apply for NSO, referee and announcer positions, the deadline is the 1st Dec.

You can apply using the application form here:

Tattoo Freeze Invitational Officiating Application


Tattoo Freeze: Call for Officials, Announcers and Volunteers

Tattoo Freeze will be taking place in Telford on Sunday 12 January 2014. With 8 UKRDA leagues playing four sanctioned bouts it will be a day full of excellent UK derby.

We encourage everyone to take part in this exciting event. Applications for skating and non-skating officials, announcers and volunteers are now open:

Tattoo Freeze Invitational Officiating Application