Men’s Rankings

These rankings are current as of Quarter 4, 2015

Rank Team Rating Diff
1 Barrow Infernos 859.5 Initial
2 Manchester Roller Derby 797.5 44.7
3 The Inhuman League 720.7 3.4
4 Crash Test Brummies 690.5 3.8
5 Nottingham Roller Derby 665.6 0.2
6 Milton Keynes Roller Derby 648.5 24.7

The rankings are based on games played and paperwork submitted before Sept 30th, 2015 and represent the positions as of Oct 1st, 2015. Teams are added to the rankings after playing their first sanctioned game against already ranked teams.

This is to ensure that the rankings are not too skewed by initial games.

You can also view past rankings posts using the rankings tag.

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