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The UKRDA is not currently accepting applications for membership.

our membership applications will re open after our AGM on 5th June

Please email if you have any queries.

Who can join the UKRDA?
Any UK based league that meets the requirements set out below:
-Established league training for at least 6 months.
-Have regular training sessions of 5 hours per month.
-Have a minimum of 5 skating members.
-All participants are age and gender appropriate for the member league/club’s designation (see types below)
-Has a code of conduct within their league or agrees to adopt the UKRDA CoC as their main CoC.
-Agree to abide by UKRDA procedures (including, but not exclusive to CoC, H&S requirements, constitution etc).
-Demonstrates commitment to the promotion of roller derby in a positive way.
-Operates under a ‘by the skaters and for the skaters’ ethos (for example, a democratic league structure for major decision making)

Type of League/Club Designations

All competing skaters meet the WFTDA/MRDA Gender Policy
at least 18 years on an adult team(s)
up to and including 17 years on a junior team(s)

All competing skaters meet the WFTDA/MRDA Gender Policy
at least 18 years on an adult team(s)
up to and including 17 years on a junior team(s)

Competing skaters meet the WFTDA/MRDA Gender Policy
at least 18 years on an adult team(s)
up to and including 17 years on a junior team(s)

Competing skaters meet the WFTDA/MRDA Gender Policy:
up to and including 17 years on junior team(s)
Teams may be single or mixed gender.
**All clubs with participating juniors must meet all legislative and regulatory requirements concerning working with minors to ensure all UK child protection requirements are met**

Why should my league join?
The UKRDA is the National Association for roller derby in the UK, our job is to promote and grow rollerderby, however we also want to be truly representative of the UK derby community so we encourage all leagues to join in order to be a part of influencing the direction of the sport in Great Britain.

UKRDA Member leagues have access to a wealth of information and advice from other member leagues as well as assistance/guidance from the Association with any issues or queries related to playing the sport and running leagues in the UK. Members are ‘first to know’ regarding communications from National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and other relevant government organisations/Quangos. Being a member of the UKRDA gives leagues front line access to relevant offers from other organisations.

What are the rules of the game?
The UKRDA adopts the current Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) ruleset (available at as the standard of play for regulation bouts in the UK. Any permissible exceptions or exclusions from this ruleset for play in the UK are listed in the UKRDA Policy Document available to member leagues.

What about the WFTDA?
The WFTDA is the international governing body for the sport of women’s flat track roller derby. The UKRDA encourages all women’s leagues in the UK to join the WFTDA as well as our own organisation.

Can men’s leagues join too?
Mens derby is very active within the UK. UKRDA is open to ALL adult leagues who meet the criteria above – be they men’s, women’s or open to all genders, meeting either the WFTDA/MRDA Gender policies which we have adopted. (read below for junior derby comment).

How about rankings?
Whilst we are currently not offering a ranking table for the UK, we have defined ‘regulation bouts’ that will be used in determining rankings in the future.

Is there Junior Derby?
There are currently no formally organised junior derby leagues in the UK. If you would like to start one, please contact the UKRDA and we will assist you as much as we can. We are open to having a junior derby arm once there are the leagues to support. If you are an adult league looking to expand and include juniors – please also contact us.