Meet the Directors

Meet the Directors

Meet the Directors The UKRDA is a member driven orgniastion, and is lead by an elected Board of Directors. Meet the current team!

Halo Jones


Oxford Men's Roller Derby


Preferred pronouns


Main responsibilities in UKRDA
I'm the Secretary, so normally first point of contact. I pick up most of the general queries and send specific ones onto the relevant people. I minute meetings and have an oversight of what most of the committee members are doing.

How long have you been involved in UKRDA?
Since 2017 I think, but I've been a UKRDA recognised official since 2015.

Goals to improve the UKRDA and wider derby community this year
I'd like to see the UKRDA provide more guidance and advice to leagues about the common (and uncommon) queries we field. Having resources to guide and help leagues is a big part of what we should be, that would benefit not only our members, but also improved UK derby as a whole. I'd like to see leagues take on more active participation in UKRDA, make it what they need it to be. I know roller derby is worldwide, but the UK has it's own foibles and creating a supportive culture of UK derby is what we should all strive for.

When I’m not involved in roller derby, I am...
If I'm not NSOing or doing UKRDA stuff, I'm normally travelling all over the UK as I run a nationwide clinical trial in my "real life"! Downtime for me is gym time, sleeping, going on adventures with my friends and dancing like no-ones watching. Oh, and plants, my new obsession, the house is starting to look somewhat like a jungle…