Statement: UKRDA, British Roller Sports Federation and the World Roller Games

After recent posts on social media by the British Roller Sports Federation (BRSF), the UKRDA would like to clarify our position with regards to that body.

At present, UKRDA has not renewed its membership with BRSF after several years of membership. We took this decision as a result of poor communication between our bodies over a two year period. Our position was that we were keen to discuss our ongoing partnership with BRSF and would renew our membership when communication had improved, and a way forward agreed between the two organisations. We did discuss this with all UKRDA member leagues through our forum and AGM, but did not make our position public as we expected this to be a situation which would be resolved shortly. We have now been in contact with BRSF for a few days now and are having the discussions we were looking for, identifying how we can take our relationship forward. BRSF are currently restructuring their membership and offer so we will be continuing those conversations once this has taken place. We apologise to any members who were unaware of these historical actions and position. Moving forward we will ensure that updates are more regular and accessible to our membership.

With regards to World Skate and their proposal for a Roller Derby competition as part of the World Roller Games, played under the World Skate International ruleset (previously known as the FIRS International Ruleset), the UKRDA continues to recognise only the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) as the official Governing Body of Roller Derby. In line with the WFTDA, we recognise Roller Derby played under the WFTDA rule set. We are committed to the evolution and expansion of Roller Derby and feel that this can only happen when the process of driving the sport forward is led by its participants, not external bodies. We cannot support progression of the sport not endorsed by the recognised Governing Body and played under a different rule set.

All of the competitions in the UK are played under the rules published by the WFTDA, and we do not wish to encourage our skaters to take part in competitions which do not reflect the sport that is played in our country, or helps the development of their existing leagues or national teams. UK Roller Derby skaters continue to have world class competition opportunities through; WFTDA and MRDA Championship tournaments, WFTDA Continental Cups, the Roller Derby World Cup, Men’s Roller Derby World Cup, JRDA World Cup and international level play for leagues and National teams. Therefore, the UKRDA cannot endorse or support any team presented as ‘Team GB’ competing in the World Roller Games. Should UKRDA re-affiliate with the British Roller Sports Federation, we will not recognise the World Roller Games unless and until the WFTDA is involved with the games. We do however hope to continue to build on and grow all of these relationships for the betterment of Roller Derby.

Ensuring the involvement of our membership, and of all participants in the Roller Derby community is at the heart of all decisions made by us an organisation. Should any of our members have questions about anything listed in this statement, please email