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Guest Blog: Dazed and Confused

Guest Blog: Pastor IcePax
Emergency Medical Technician
WFTDA Risk Management Committee
WFTDA European Tournaments Medical Staffing Liaison



Dazed and Confused (or … “so that’s what the ceiling looks like”)

Concussion… seemingly the latest “thing” in sports, every athlete in this sport knows someone who’s had one; but it can’t be THAT bad can it?
Let’s have a look;

How seriously do the UKRDA and WFTDA governing bodies take a skaters safety at a bout?

  • The current WFTDA guidelines are that any SINGLE positive indication on the concussion tests at a bout is enough for the medics to declare a skater unfit to skate for the rest of the game (NOT the half).
  • The Medical Team can stop a skater skating for ANY reason if they suspect that skater is not fit to skate under ANY circumstances (i.e. this doesn’t just apply to concussions).

IcePax – how did your concussion(s) happen?
Arty – During a game at Eastbourne Extreme, I turned and presented my chest to a jammer who dropped his shoulder and sprinted at me. Hitting me square in the solar plexus and driving up, he took me up and off my feet. I fell flat on my side, on concrete, and was knocked out by the impact.

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