Welcome to Oxford Wheels of Gory

Welcome to Oxford Wheels of Gory, founded in October 2011. They are a not-for-profit organisation with a strong do-it-yourself ethos. OWG are run by their members and volunteers, brought together by their mutual love of the amazing sport of Roller Derby.

Our goal is to be a respected and leading roller derby team in UK whilst promoting and supporting the sport at a local and national level. Retaining a not-for-profit status and DIY-ethos, we aim to be an all-inclusive, welcoming, democratically-run organisation following the officiating guidelines and rules set down by the WFTDA. We welcome skaters aged 18+ from all backgrounds irrespective of race, colour, creed or sexual orientation. We aim to foster a supportive atmosphere, maintaining high safety standards and developing skills and athleticism while promoting teamwork as an essential factor for success.