New UKRDA officials announced and next deadline for applying

Photo by Jason Ruffell -

Photo by Jason Ruffell –

The latest UKRDA independent officials applications have been adjudicated.

Joining us as an indy is:

So Solid Sue

Joining us as league-affiliated members are:

Jerry Sling-her (Bath Roller Derby Girls)
emKa (Auld Reekie Roller Girls)
Big Smack & Fries (Newcastle Roller Girls)
Cakeface (Furness Firecrackers)
Niko (Furness Firecrackers)
Dyna-MO (Furness Firecrackers)
Beth Thompson (Furness Firecrackers)
Shell Raiser (Furness Firecrackers)

The next round of applications will close on November 21, and applications received will be sorted by the Officials Admin Panel following that.

We announced the completion of our officials membership policy and the appointment of the Officials Admin Panel, which will process and decide on applications from officials, at the tail-end of last year.

Independent/non-UKRDA league officials can apply using the form here.

UKRDA league officials can apply using the form here.

All successful applicants will have to agree to follow the officials code of conduct, and sign confidentiality agreements and declarations, which can be viewed here.