Welcome to Swansea City Roller Derby!


Swansea City Roller DerbySwansea City Roller Derby (SCRD) are the city’s first flat track roller derby league and have gone from strength to strength since their formation in 2010. The league is home to the Slayers who are enjoying their third full bouting season this year, the newly formed SCRD B team along with our ever growing co-ed contingent, who will be hosting their first open bout in June. We are also fortunate to be a home to several Team Wales skaters.


As a league, SCRD aims to continue in encouraging and empowering individuals from all walks of life to explore their fullest potential within this dynamic sport. SCRD provide a safe, healthy environment in which our dedicated coaching and reffing officials endeavour to provide the highest standards of training, theory and motivation inclusive to all needs. SCRD also offers a dedicated ‘rookie’ program, tailored to take new starters from learner to minimum skill level over a 12 week course, which has proven to be extremely successful.


SCRD offers a recreational skate session, where newer skaters can practice and have the chance to meet the team in an informal environment. We believe that a team that get on and work well off the track will play well on the track, and we enjoy a variety of ‘off track’ activities, such as fitness sessions, fund-raisers and charity events. SCRD aim to support both their skaters and non skating officials as much as possible both inside and outside of training, enabling them to feel part of the team as a whole from the outset.

We embrace the ‘by the skaters for the skaters’ ethos, operating as a democratic unit where all members have their say on how we progress. The league has been built from the ground up, with help and advice from many established leagues, and we hope to pass on this knowledge to other leagues, enriching the community and in some small part aiding in the progression of the sport across the country.

Looking forward, SCRD hopes to continue to grow and compete within the sport, offering the chance for skaters of all levels to become involved wherever they can. We will continue to manage SCRD in such a way that all those involved have a voice and where everyone’s opinions are listened to.

SCRD are training hard for the rest of the 2014 bouting season, and have both home and away games lined up with some fantastic teams, we are proud to become part of UKRDA, and are excited to be a continuing part of such a dynamic and passion filled sport.

For more information check out http://swanseacityslayers.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/SwanseaCityRollerDerby


Welcome to Wolverhampton Honour Rollers!

Wolverhampton Honour RollersWolverhampton Honour Rollers are a Wolverhampton and Black Country-based roller derby team who formed in summer 2010 from just two founder members. Honour Rollers now have over 60 members from all backgrounds, levels of fitness and skating experience.

 “We are proud to have taken part in the Heartlands Series 2013, and to be participating again in 2014. Our involvement in the series so far has enabled us to increase the team’s bouting experience at a high, national level and to host our first public bouts at a new venue. Despite coming in last place in our division in 2013, the team had some outstanding moments; especially the fighting spirit on and off track and our reluctance to be defeated. Our ‘Alpha’ pack has trained harder than ever, strengthened by this challenge, leading to victory in our first bout of Heartlands 2014! The team are playing together better than any of us imagined. Communication, pack work, along with outstanding jammers and true derby spirit shine through on track every time.

“We are enthusiastic and excited about our UKRDA membership. It means a lot to us to be able to promote roller derby locally and nationally, and to be part of the supportive network of teams and derby knowledge that membership offers. We really would not be where we are today if we had not linked, begged and borrowed from other leagues. The Derby community has helped us grow. UKRDA procedures have helped us to already better-structure our league and achieve a true “by the skaters, for the skaters” ethos.

“We want to show our wolf pack and all of our loyal supporters how far we have come, on and off the track. You’ve heard of eye of the tiger? Wait until you hear the AWWOOOO of these she-wolves!!”

For more information go to http://www.wolverhamptonhonourrollers.co.uk/ or https://www.facebook.com/wolverhamptonhonourrollers

Welcome to Milton Keynes Roller Derby!

mkrd“Formed in May 2010, Milton Keynes Roller Derby was started by members of Bedfordshire RollerGirls, who wanted to bring roller derby to their local town.  We had our first closed door bout in November 2010 and our first public bout away in September 2011.

“In late 2011, we decided that local leagues would benefit from a competitive tournament, to provide a structure for growth and an organising principle for creating our own strong pool of skaters, referees and NSO’s.  As such, we created the End of The World Series, with 5 local friendly leagues.  Our first ever public home bout was the first game in the Series, in February 2012.  We were undefeated in the Series in 2012 and won the tournament on the Final Day in November 2012.

“We competed in the Heartland Series 2013, finishing joint third.  We are heavily involved in the organisation of the Heartland Series, and believe it is the ideal structure for growth of competitive play and league structure for grass roots teams in UK roller derby.

“During this time, we expanded our league, with structured Fresh Meat courses for women and men, developing a strong core of skaters, referees and non-skating officials. We also started our popular Friday Night Mixed Scrims, an open invitation for minimum skills passed skaters to join a pick up scrim to test their skills against a range of skaters.  The emphasis is on learning, experimentation and fun, and we offer a safe training environment for referees and NSOs to gain bout experience in an informal, educational setting.

“In late 2012, we started a men’s team, the Quads of War, made up of existing male skaters already in the league, and male skaters from surrounding regions who were looking to play roller derby.  Their first bout was in February 2013 and they competed in the Men’s European Roller Derby Championships in July 2013.  The Quads continue to grow in experience and numbers.

“As our numbers of women grew, We started two intraleague teams in 2013, the Bletchley Enigma and the Stony Roses, to enable all skaters to gain bouting experience.  Our newest team introduced in early 2014 is our women’s B team, the Udder Team, to provide a competitive environment for cross over skaters and graduates from our Fresh Meat courses to develop into A team players.

“We promote a positive, welcoming atmosphere, built on growth and development, to allow skaters to unlock their potential and be the best they can be.  During our startup process, we benefitted from the kindness and experience of Bedfordshire Rollergirls and Cambridge Rollerbillies, and we look to expend this assistance and pass on our experience to new leagues, to develop a healthy roller derby community.  We have a strong following on social media, and our media team has developed relationships with the local community and print press, gaining regular coverage in the sports pages of the local newspapers, and gaining coverage on local BBC TV news and radio.

“We have supported local and international charities and community events, running the Race For Life, supporting the Midnight Moo for Willen Hospice and holding a charity bout in support of The Moldova Project, supporting orphanages in Moldova.

“We’re excited to be part of UKRDA, to support our growth as a league and the development of UK roller derby nationally.”

For more information, go to http://www.miltonkeynesrollerderby.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/mkrollerderby.