UKRDA Transgender Policy

The United Kingdom Roller Derby Association (UKRDA) has today announced the appointment of their new Transgender Liaison and the ratification of their Transgender Policy.

The policy creates a uniform standard of treatment of transgender skaters, and ensures the protection and safety of transgender skaters throughout the UK, with UKRDA member leagues committing to adhere to the policy. This includes safeguarding the confidentiality of trans* skaters, and ensuring that they are supported not just by the law, but by UKRDA policies.

Mistress Malicious, chairwoman of the UKRDA, welcomed the announcement. She said: “This policy makes the UKRDA one of the most forward-thinking and inclusive sports organisations in the country.

“Skaters in our member leagues come from all walks of life and with this policy, we ensure that transgender skaters feel safe, supported and welcome within the UK roller derby community.”

To oversee the integration of the Transgender Policy, the UKRDA has appointed Glasgow Roller Derby skater Jodie Stanley as the organisation’s Transgender Liaison. Jodie is a policy manager within a national LGBT organisation.

“I hold a Senior Management position within a national LGBT organisation, and bring to the role vast experience in creating and influencing national and local policies and frameworks, ensuring that they represent lgbt people as widely as possible and reflect their differing needs.”

Jodie will be co-performing this role with fellow GRD skater Freya Gosnold, who Freya has a great personal and political investment in trans* advocacy and support, and will be a wonderful asset to this role. Jodie said:

“I’m excited that UK roller derby is creating a breakthrough arena for transgender representation in our sport. Transgender people statistically engage far less in sport, partly due to structural discrimination – and I am delighted that roller derby is the sport which is breaking the barriers of gender, making it all about the sport and not about anatomy.”

Freya added: “Roller Derby has the potential to really pave the way for trans* representation in sport, at all levels of competition, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to use my experience as a trans* person and activist to support our sport and our community on this journey.”

The full UKRDA Transgender Policy is available here.

4 thoughts on “UKRDA Transgender Policy

  1. I just wanted to say thank you to the UKRDA for the forward thinking and acceptance of the reality of the gender binary. As one who has experienced the new Roller Derby as a fan in 2005 and as a volunteer/staff member from 2006- ? and was in the early transition process during my days of becoming involved in derby I can tell you that it was not smooth sailing in the beginning. But thanks to the openness and acceptance of Our Roller Derby over the past 9 years most of those hurdles are behind us and the policy that UKRDA has put forth can only strengthen and enhance the viability of our sport. Thank you again. Gina Allen aka xx factor

  2. Great, now I’m gonna be late for work because I’ve had to stop to have a little cry.

    This is awesome. Thank you for doing the right thing. Read this only a few days after my absolute rage at what Olympic sportswomen with unusual hormones go through, and I’m so relieved and proud to be part of a sport that does right by its athletes.

  3. What a beautiful piece of work this whole document is.
    The essence is right here:
    “The UKRDA aims to create an inclusive culture in roller derby, free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation. No person will be treated less favourably than any other.”
    Actually, that’s an edited version. The words “trans-friendly” are between “inclusive” and “friendly” in the policy (and rightly so).
    But the key to Roller Derby, as far as I can see as a non-playing dad of four who goes along to bouts to watch his daughter and her great friends, is that the sport is friendly to everyone. Total respect. Total love. No judgment. Be who you are.

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