Welcome to the Wirral Whipiteres!

Wirral Whipiteres
Wirral Whipiteres roller derby league was founded in March 2011. Starting with a few determined skaters and a passion for the sport the league has now grown to over 80 members, including a bouting women’s team, ‘Savage Lillies’ a men’s bouting team, ‘Pack Animals’ a dedicated NSO team, and growing referee crew.

Our aims and objectives are to empower and encourage our team members to maximise their personal growth and fitness within a positive and inclusive environment whilst becoming a respected and successful league.

Our team ethos is ‘For the greater good of all’ – in all our endeavours we strive to have a positive impact on all our members, Roller Derby, our community and society.

As with all successful roller derby leagues we are run by our members who work very hard and are committed to both the future of our league and of roller derby as a sport. We take pride in the fact that we represent roller derby on the Wirral and our home bouts are always well attended by both long-standing league supporters and new spectators learning about the sport for the first time.

Highlights for the league this year include sending representatives to EROC and having the chance to engage in discussions about the future of European roller derby, skaters taking part in the 2013 Northern Sur5al tournament at held at the Thunderdome and team members from Pack Animals playing with ‘Chaos Engine’ at the 2013 MERDC.

We are very proud to be joining the UKRDA and being a part of the future of roller derby in our home country.