Welcome to South West Angels of Terror!

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S.W.A.T were formed, March 2010 and began bouting in 2011. Their team profile and ability on the track has been gradually rising due the hard working dedicated coaches and passionate players. They were proud to win the South West Championships 2012/2013 unbeaten in any match they played.

The team covers a wide area spanning Exeter, East and Mid Devon and Somerset. They train hard and play hard. They’ve a unique blend of skaters varying in age and from all walks of life including Teachers, NHS managers, IT professionals and Students.

S.W.A.T’s main aim is to harness each of the players’ passion and love for the sport and create well rounded individuals that perform with a high level of skill and dedication. Derby player’s that are a force to be reckoned with! The team were happy to reach the top 40 in the European rankings, 2013. They hope to improve that position in 2014.

S.W.A.T have also championed Roller Derby in the press. They’ve featured in The Sun, local newspaper’s and had interviews on BBC Radio & TV. They continue instigate the curiosity of the public, bringing the world of Roller Derby to the masses along with features in Derby specific publications including Lead Jammer magazine.

It’s also important for S.W.A.T support charities, the last being to knit over 1000 mini hats for age concerns Innocent Smoothy campaign, showing the girls do have a softer side! The team benefited from charity itself, by winning the Waitrose Community Matters initiative. Shoppers voted for their efforts giving back to the community.

Recently sponsored by Queens Of The Sin Bin, their team image has been enhanced further by their new boutfits that they helped to design.

They continue to grow in strength, numbers and ability and are very excited and proud to become part of UKRDA.