Final UK National Squad Coach Positions Appointed

UKRDA are pleased to announce the final three coaching appointments for our national squads. Team Wales Head Coach will be JCG. Currently of LRG and SDRD, JCG will shortly be heading west to join TBB and SWS. He is absolutely committed to giving his all to team Wales and to build a squad where the team is the star.

Team Scotland assistant coach will be Clinically Wasted from Granite City. A member of Team Scotland last time around, she wants to use her experience to help mould Team Scotland into a single, devastating unit.

Team England Assistant Coach will be Stefanie Mainey. No stranger to the B&T World Cup, Mainey was Captain for Team England last time around. Drawing on her years of experience coaching and skating with LRG, her vision for the England squad is simple: to see them become the best Roller Derby team in the world.

Try-out applications are OPEN for Team England and Team Wales and Team Scotland and try-out dates have been announced. Keep an eye on our website for further details!