Team Wales & Scotland Coaches Appointed

UKRDA are pleased to announce four more national squads appointments – this time for Scotland and Wales.

Congratulations go to Ella-Bella Bang-Bang of Auld Reekie Roller Girls, who will be Head Coach for Team Scotland. With over half a decade of reffing under her skates, and years of coaching within AARG and across Scotland, Ella-Bell Bang-Bang attended the last Blood and Thunder World Cup as a referee. This time she will be leaving the stripes behind, determined to see Team Scotland become the formidable force that she knows she can be.

Rufi-ohh of Fierce Valley Roller Girls will be Team Scotland’s line up manager. Also an experienced coach within her league, she shares Ella-Bella Bang-Bang’s determination to ensure that Scotland are a force to be reckoned with, and to build upon the experience of
the previous World Cup.

Hazel Hemlock of Neath Port Talbot will be Assistant Coach for Team Wales’ first appearance on the national stage. A qualified BRSF Level 2 coach, she’s excited by the potential Team Wales has to nurture talent and build a team that is physically and mentally tough. Hazel wants to see Team Wales stand strong in it’s first World Cup; “I look forward to being part of team Wales and will do my best to make sure we have a team that will go out strong. It will be exciting to be at the beginning of a national team for Wales.”

Professor Moriarty, also of Neath Port Talbot, will be the Team Wales Line Up Manager. Hugely excited to be in at the beginning of Team Wales she wants to build a close, calm team that rely on each other.

We wish all our newly appointed Coaches and Line Up managers the very best of luck in their roles. We know that you will show the world that the British Isles are a roller force to be reckoned with.

Applications are open until 20 October for the remaining National Squad coaching & Team Management positions. Apply here & make your mark on UK roller derby history!