Skater Eligibility for National Squads Updated

UKRDA are pleased to announce details on the skater selection process for national teams. Over the past several months we have worked to the best of our ability to put together a process that is clear, transparent and fair. We’ve listened to input and concerns from the UK Roller Derby community and also balanced the requirements of the British Roller Sports Federation (BRSF) to ensure we comply with their rules.

UKRDA Membership
The BRSF requires all skaters to be a member of a UKRDA league in order to be on a national team. We have listened to feedback from the UK Roller Derby community and addressed this issue by affiliating each national team individually to the UKRDA, removing the requirement for individual leagues to be UKRDA members. We hope that this will encourage skaters from all leagues to try out for the teams and allow each squad to select the very best players from across the UK.

Skaters will be required to hold a British passport and can select the country of representation based on any of the following: country of birth; residence (minimum of four years); or the country of birth of a Parent or Grandparent. Skaters are welcome to try out for all of the countries they are eligible for, but once a place is accepted on a national team their country of representation must remain unchanged for two years.

Application and Tryouts
To apply for a National Team skaters will need to fill in an on-line application form and then attend a tryout or submit video evidence. A small application fee will apply in either case. Team England tryouts will be in November 2013, and the Team Wales and Team Scotland tryouts will be held early in the New Year.

Please join our mailing list¬†for further announcements and advance notice of all tryout dates. We’ll aim to let you know at least a month in advance of tryouts. We will also be publishing further details and information on the selection criteria so that skaters can review what the coaching staff will be assessing on the tryout dates.

Our goal from the start has been to facilitate a skater selection process that ensures we can select the strongest national teams from across the whole of the UK Roller Derby community. We welcome your continued feedback and communication to aid us in evolving this process so we can look forward to seeing the very best of UK Roller Derby talent being showcased to the world.