Team England Tryout Dates Announced

The Team England tryout dates have been announced! Here’s a  FAQ to get you rolling.

Where, when & how much?
The first round of Team England tryouts are currently scheduled for:

17th November 2013 – Manchester
24th November 2013 – London

Venue locations and times will be announced. The application fee for each skater is £20.

Am I eligible?
Review the Skater Selection Criteria to see if you’re eligible. If you have a special situation that’s not mentioned there or any questions at all just email us and we’ll get back to you promptly.

How do I sign up?
Fill out the application form online.

How will I be assessed?
The first round of Team England tryouts will be a 2-hour on-skates session that consists of specifically-designed drills and scrimmaging. Both parts of the tryouts will assess the criteria listed below:

  • Skating skills – Illustrates good balance, agility, power and form while skating both forwards and backwards. Can perform plow/derby/hockey stops quickly and cleanly.
  • Blocking form – Uses good form and generates power when blocking both skating forwards and backwards.
  • Ability to work with team mates on the track – Capable of working with people during walls, defensive formations, and offensive plays.
  • Good communication skills – Able to communicate clearly, concisely, and accurately with other skaters on the track, as well as being able to repeat or relay communication.
  • Ability to work well in a team – Displays at least one ability that will be of an asset to the team. For example, jammer skills, pack communicator, or positional blocking.
  • Good understanding of Roller Derby tactics and gameplay – Makes informed decisions on track when selecting gameplay options. Responds well to gameplay communication.
  • Good on track positional sense and situational awareness – Understands the best place to be on track at all times and is cognisant of other activity on the track, even while engaged in physically distracting tasks. Acts quickly when out of position in order to remain an effective on track element of their team.
  • Positive attitude – Displays drive and determination as well as remaining positive even under duress. Desire to improve not just themselves, but their team-mates as well.
  • Coachability – Responds well to instruction. Able to execute accurately based on instruction. Capable of taking responsibility for their own development.
  • Adaptability – Able to adjust their actions on the fly based on situations either on the track or over the course of the game.
  • Psychological Toughness and Perseverance – Capable of performing at a high level when undergoing extreme physical and mental challenges.

How will the final squad be selected?
The Team England coaching staff will evaluate all skaters based on the criteria listed above and make a selection of skaters that will be invited to the second round of tryouts.

In the second round of tryouts, skaters will again be evaluated on the criteria listed above. Skaters from this group will then be selected by the Team England coaching staff for the final Team England squad.

What if I can’t attend on either of those days?
Skaters who cannot attend the first round of tryout dates may submit applications to the selection panel via video. Video applications are subject to the same application requirements and entry fee. Details of the video application process are on the application form.

What would the commitment to the team be if I am selected?
Skaters selected for Team England are expected to prioritise national squad training and competitions, to maintain an agreed minimum attendance at national squad training and to commit to attending competition dates. Skaters will also be expected to participate in team communication, fundraising, and administration, much as you do for your own teams now.

This is all very helpful, but I just don’t know if I’m good enough to try out. Should I?
The national squads are an opportunity for you to represent your country playing a sport you love. It doesn’t matter whether you are from a larger, established league or from a smaller new league, or whether you’ve been skating for ten years or two. Team England’s goal is to showcase the best talent that England has to offer to the world, and we can’t do that if you don’t come to the tryouts and show your skills. At the tryouts you’ll get to train with skaters and coaches that you may not have trained with before and have a valuable learning experience. And in the best case, you may be named to the Team England squad and take a trip to Dallas in December 2014!

I still have more questions. What do I do?
If you have more questions or need more information please email us and we’ll get back to you promptly. Comments and feedback are also welcome!

Skater Eligibility for National Squads Updated

UKRDA are pleased to announce details on the skater selection process for national teams. Over the past several months we have worked to the best of our ability to put together a process that is clear, transparent and fair. We’ve listened to input and concerns from the UK Roller Derby community and also balanced the requirements of the British Roller Sports Federation (BRSF) to ensure we comply with their rules.

UKRDA Membership
The BRSF requires all skaters to be a member of a UKRDA league in order to be on a national team. We have listened to feedback from the UK Roller Derby community and addressed this issue by affiliating each national team individually to the UKRDA, removing the requirement for individual leagues to be UKRDA members. We hope that this will encourage skaters from all leagues to try out for the teams and allow each squad to select the very best players from across the UK.

Skaters will be required to hold a British passport and can select the country of representation based on any of the following: country of birth; residence (minimum of four years); or the country of birth of a Parent or Grandparent. Skaters are welcome to try out for all of the countries they are eligible for, but once a place is accepted on a national team their country of representation must remain unchanged for two years.

Application and Tryouts
To apply for a National Team skaters will need to fill in an on-line application form and then attend a tryout or submit video evidence. A small application fee will apply in either case. Team England tryouts will be in November 2013, and the Team Wales and Team Scotland tryouts will be held early in the New Year.

Please join our mailing list for further announcements and advance notice of all tryout dates. We’ll aim to let you know at least a month in advance of tryouts. We will also be publishing further details and information on the selection criteria so that skaters can review what the coaching staff will be assessing on the tryout dates.

Our goal from the start has been to facilitate a skater selection process that ensures we can select the strongest national teams from across the whole of the UK Roller Derby community. We welcome your continued feedback and communication to aid us in evolving this process so we can look forward to seeing the very best of UK Roller Derby talent being showcased to the world.

Team Wales & Scotland Coaches Appointed

UKRDA are pleased to announce four more national squads appointments – this time for Scotland and Wales.

Congratulations go to Ella-Bella Bang-Bang of Auld Reekie Roller Girls, who will be Head Coach for Team Scotland. With over half a decade of reffing under her skates, and years of coaching within AARG and across Scotland, Ella-Bell Bang-Bang attended the last Blood and Thunder World Cup as a referee. This time she will be leaving the stripes behind, determined to see Team Scotland become the formidable force that she knows she can be.

Rufi-ohh of Fierce Valley Roller Girls will be Team Scotland’s line up manager. Also an experienced coach within her league, she shares Ella-Bella Bang-Bang’s determination to ensure that Scotland are a force to be reckoned with, and to build upon the experience of
the previous World Cup.

Hazel Hemlock of Neath Port Talbot will be Assistant Coach for Team Wales’ first appearance on the national stage. A qualified BRSF Level 2 coach, she’s excited by the potential Team Wales has to nurture talent and build a team that is physically and mentally tough. Hazel wants to see Team Wales stand strong in it’s first World Cup; “I look forward to being part of team Wales and will do my best to make sure we have a team that will go out strong. It will be exciting to be at the beginning of a national team for Wales.”

Professor Moriarty, also of Neath Port Talbot, will be the Team Wales Line Up Manager. Hugely excited to be in at the beginning of Team Wales she wants to build a close, calm team that rely on each other.

We wish all our newly appointed Coaches and Line Up managers the very best of luck in their roles. We know that you will show the world that the British Isles are a roller force to be reckoned with.

Applications are open until 20 October for the remaining National Squad coaching & Team Management positions. Apply here & make your mark on UK roller derby history!



2013 Q4 Rankings

The UKRDA are very proud to announce a pivotal moment in UK Roller Derby history; the release of the first UKRDA official rankings. We have been working closely with Flat Track Stats to create this official rankings system for the UK, and UKRDA member leagues have been sanctioning games since the process was introduced at the start of the year.

Using this data the UKRDA and FTS have developed the UK ranking system, which will now be the definitive rankings chart for the UK and the one on which future UKRDA tournaments will be based.

The quarter 4 rankings are the first to be released and only includes teams that have played UKRDA sanctioned games. Unranked teams are required to only play one sanctioned game to be added.

This ranking will now be used to determine invites to UKRDA tournaments.

Going forward there are plans to use a division format, where teams are matched with those of a similar standing, ending in a UK championship.

The 2013 Q4 rankings are as follows:

  1. Auld Reekie Roller Girls 724.2
  2. Glasgow Roller Derby 715.8
  3. Leeds Roller Dolls 675.8
  4. Royal Windsor Roller Girls 673.5
  5. Rainy City Roller Girls 672.0
  6. Middlesbrough Milk Rollergirls 660.0
  7. Brighton Rockers Roller Derby 654.0
  8. Hot Wheel Roller Derby 640.2
  9. Sheffield Steel Rollergirls 624.7
  10. Bristol Roller Derby 618.8
  11. Seaside Siren Roller Girls 613.2
  12. Hellfire Harlots 604.1
  13. Central City Rollergirls 598.5
  14. Dolly Rockit Rollers 594.8
  15. London Rockin’ Rollers 581.4
  16. Lincolnshire Bombers 579.7
  17. Big Bucks High Rollers 572.5
  18. Granite City Roller Girls 570.4
  19. Kent Roller Girls 566.9
  20. RomseyTown Rollerbillies 564.3
  21. Severn Roller Torrent 547.7
  22. Birmingham Blitz Dames 527.0
  23. The Norfolk Brawds 492.8

We hope you are as excited as we are about this landmark development in UK derby.


National Squad Coaching & Management Positions – Applications RE-OPEN until 20 October

UKRDA are pleased to announce we are re-opening applications for the following National Squad positions:
•Team England Manager
•Team England Assistant Coach
•Team Scotland Manager
•Team Scotland Assistant Coach
•Team Wales Manager
•Team Wales Head Coach

All of these positions are really critical to the success of our National Squads. We are looking for enthusiastic committed candidates to work with us to get our teams to the World Cup next year.

Applications are open NOW until 20th October 2013. Applicants are required to submit the attached application form along with references by midnight on 20th October 2013 to be considered.
The selection timelines are detailed below:

1 Oct 13 – Applications OPEN
20 Oct 13 – Applications CLOSE (at midnight)
21-27 Oct 13 – Application sift
27 Oct 13 – Unsuccessful applicants notified
28 Oct -3 Nov 13 – UKRDA member vote for preferred candidates
4 Nov 13 – Applicants notified of outcome
11 Nov 13 – Press Release announcing appointments

Further Details & application forms:
•Team Manager Application Form:
•Team Manager Selection Process:
•Coach Application Form:
• Coach Selection Process:

Press Release POC: UKRDA National Squads Oversight Board: