Woman’s National Squad survey results

The UKRDA recently launched a survey to gather opinion from the UK roller derby community on skater selection for Women’s National Squads.  This survey was open to all UK roller derby skaters and we received replies from about 10% of the community.

We are very grateful to all the skaters who participated in the survey, this kind of information really does help us to make decisions that reflect what UK skaters really want.

Now the UKRDA are working alongside the National Squads Coaching Committees to explore the following possibilities:

• Opening up trials to non-UKRDA leagues

• Publishing skater selection criteria & details of try-outs as far in advance as possible

• Holding try-outs in multiple locations

• Exploring funding and subsidising options

• Supporting bootcamps and open training sessions to support the squads and the wider community.

As well as supporting our National Squads to be the best & most competitive they can be, the UKRDA would also like to enable a way for the National Squad to put something back into the community it represents– ultimately raising the game across the UK.  The survey results were very supportive of this idea, with lots of suggestions on how this knowledge transfer could work, including ideas for boot camps, expo bouts, training days and individual assessment.

The survey results are being distributed amongst UKRDA member leagues for further discussion.

We would very much like to thank to everyone who took part.