Team England Coaches Appointed

UKRDA is delighted to announce the appointment of a Head Coach and Line Up Manager for Team England. Following a rigorous selection process and UKRDA member vote we can now welcome Ballistic Whistle as Head Coach, and Rollin StoneR as Line Up Manager (LUM).

Ballistic Whistle, of London Roller Girls and Southern Discomfort Roller Derby is reprising his role after coaching Team England to an impressive third place finish in the first ever Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup. Inspired by the concentration of talent he sees in English Roller Derby, Ballistic Whistle is aiming to exceed Team England’s bronze medal finish in 2011.

He will be able supported by the Captain of Southern Discomfort and Head Coach of the Royal Windsor Rollergirls Rollin StoneR, who is also stepping back into a familiar role. Drawing on his experience of being LUM for Team England last time around, Rollin StoneR is looking forward to pushing the squad to new heights, and to building the smartest, strongest and most competitive team England can produce.

We wish them all of the best as they lead Team England’s campaign for world cup glory. British Roller Derby has gone from strength to strength since 2011, and we’re excited to see what our national squads can achieve. We are still looking for Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Line Up Manager to lead the Scottish and Welsh squads. If you would like to apply for these positions, applications are open until the end of August. Or, if you know someone who would be good at this, please encourage them to apply. The future of these squads is in the hands of you, the community.

Details on skater try-outs and criteria for Team England will be announced soon. But in the meantime UKRDA would love to hear from you about whether you are planning to try out, please fill in our survey.