Welcome to the Ponty Pirate Derby Dames!

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The Ponty Pirate Derby Dames were established in September 2012 by a woman who dreamed of playing a competitive sport. With no derby experience a small group rallied around and word quickly spread that something new was happening in the valleys. We focused on basic skills until an experienced coach, Jen Baxter (now of Tiger Bay Brawlers) happened to find us. With her wealth of experience and tireless efforts of the team we formed the Ponty Pirates.


A committee was born, fresh meat was recruited and we began to scrim. UKRDA membership is an achievement that gives our club a status and our goals for the future are to develop further through guest coaches, boot camps and liaising with top teams so we can compete at the highest level.

We want to empower women to engage in our sport no matter who they are or what they do, to be athletic and strong on and off the track. We have also held events for local charity’s and want to be involved in the local community and offer derby to the younger generation.

Derby has changed our lives and we want to give people the opportunity to experience this hard hitting, ass-kickin’ ┬ásport.