WFTDA Minimum Skills

The UKRDA recognise the WFTDA new minimum skills requirements released this weekend and reminds leagues that this is only actually ‘required’ for top A Team charter skaters for UKRDA or WFTDA sanctioned games.

Leagues will need to check their bout contract for how the new skills requirements may impact all other games, particularly B Team and scrimmages.
Within the new skills document the WFTDA advises that:

Each WFTDA Member League that enters into a WFTDA-sanctioned game must designate a league member who is responsible for verifying that every skater in the game meets all of the skill requirements listed below. Passing the WFTDA Skater Rules Test is also part of the minimum skills requirement. Member leagues are responsible for determining frequency of re-assessment based on league skaters’ experience and skill level.

These minimum skills are:

– Required for charter team skaters playing WFTDA sanctioned games.
– Strongly recommended for skaters playing in interleague scrimmage or games.
– Strongly recommended for skaters playing in intraleague (home) scrimmages or games.
– Recommended for new skaters to graduate to contact drills and intraleague (home league) scrimmages. 

All currently passed skaters should be re-tested and skaters will be expected to meet the new skills requirements for any sanctioned UKRDA game played after 1st July 2013.
WFTDA leagues should check with WFTDA for their relevant skills requirement deadline.