WFTDA Minimum Skills

The UKRDA recognise the WFTDA new minimum skills requirements released this weekend and reminds leagues that this is only actually ‘required’ for top A Team charter skaters for UKRDA or WFTDA sanctioned games.

Leagues will need to check their bout contract for how the new skills requirements may impact all other games, particularly B Team and scrimmages.
Within the new skills document the WFTDA advises that:

Each WFTDA Member League that enters into a WFTDA-sanctioned game must designate a league member who is responsible for verifying that every skater in the game meets all of the skill requirements listed below. Passing the WFTDA Skater Rules Test is also part of the minimum skills requirement. Member leagues are responsible for determining frequency of re-assessment based on league skaters’ experience and skill level.

These minimum skills are:

– Required for charter team skaters playing WFTDA sanctioned games.
– Strongly recommended for skaters playing in interleague scrimmage or games.
– Strongly recommended for skaters playing in intraleague (home) scrimmages or games.
– Recommended for new skaters to graduate to contact drills and intraleague (home league) scrimmages. 

All currently passed skaters should be re-tested and skaters will be expected to meet the new skills requirements for any sanctioned UKRDA game played after 1st July 2013.
WFTDA leagues should check with WFTDA for their relevant skills requirement deadline.

UKRDA Southern Tournament

We are really excited to announce that the UKRDA will be holding it’s first Southern Region tournament. The two day event will run alongside the Great British Tattoo Show, on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of May, at the Alexandra Palace in London.

The UKRDA will be presenting five female teams, from the southern region, and two men’s teams playing on a specially fitted roller derby track.

The female teams confirmed are Big Bucks High Rollers, Brighton Rockers Roller Derby, Bristol Roller Derby, Kent Roller Girls and London Rollergirls (Brawl Saints).

The tournament will be groundbreaking as the Crash Test Brummies, from the West Midlands, and latest men’s derby applicant members The Inhuman League, from Sheffield, will be hoping to play the first ever UKRDA sanctioned men’s bout on the Saturday.

The tournament is supported by Sport England Lottery Funding which is a real achievement for the UKRDA and has been made possible as a direct result of our campaigning for roller derby to be recognised as a sport in the UK.

Applications for officials and announcers is now open, to apply please complete the form linked at the below.

Application Deadline for Tournament Head Referee and Crew Head Referees/NSOs:  24/04/13

Application Deadline for all other positions:  30/04/13

Any questions regarding the event or the application may be addressed to or through your reps. Tickets can be bought here!

Men’s National Team Selection

The UKRDA, guided by its members is pleased to support the Men’s National Team selection process for England, Scotland and Wales unless already undertaken as specified by any upcoming international tournament organisers. At present, due to the number of male member leagues in the UKRDA we are unable to fully sanction a men’s team as the process would conflict with fair skater selection.

The UKRDA is very keen to offer the men’s international tournament organisers our assistance in upcoming selections, including our coaching application forms and UKRDA representatives who can attend try-outs to ensure impartiality. We can also advise on coaching and team management selection.

For the previous Blood and Thunder Womens’ World Cup event, the organisers wanted to ensure fair selection and as such took applications for National Team coaches first; with supporting letters, which the UKRDA provided.

The UKRDA would like to offer to manage the processing of applications for all National Team Coaches, using the UKRDA coaching application form which has been designed by members and with the support of the derby community. We would like to offer to work with the National Team Coaches & recognise them for all future events up until the end of 2014. The UKRDA would form a committee comprising members impartial and uninvolved with the Men’s World Cup Tournament who would oversee the coaching application process. UKRDA would be happy to work with Tournament organisers to develop an agreed selection process to nominate National Team Coaches. We are aware of the June 1st deadline and would immediately create a timeline if our support was required.

The UKRDA presumes that the National Team Coaches would then take responsibility for individual skater try-outs, with UKRDA Representatives being an impartial presence at team selections, if desired.

We are very keen to support the Men’s teams for the UK in this coming World Cup and we hope by the year 2014 to have fully sanctioned UKRDA endorsed men’s teams.