Welcome to The Norfolk Brawds


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The Norfolk Brawds are a team of saucy sailors based out of Norwich and are the first and only roller derby league in Norfolk. They started out as a group of inexperienced skaters in a tiny church hall in March 2010 and since then the league has grown to over 40 full members. 2011 saw the Brawds public debut against the Seaside Sirens and 2012 was their first full bouting season in which they came in at 4 wins and 3 losses. In 2013 the Brawds are participating in the Heartland Series, the largest roller derby tournament in Europe, and have gotten off to a good start with a win against Bedfordshire Roller Girls.
The Brawds associated men’s league, the East Anglo SmackSons got off the ground in 2012 and is currently training and recruiting.
The Brawds ethos is to play hard on the track while always being welcoming and friendly off of it. We’re number fun!

We are very happy to have them part of UKRDA!