Welcome to Reaper Roller Girls!

The Reaper Roller Girls is a women’s flat track roller derby team based in Swansea and Triple Threat Layout V4 NO BACKGROUNDSouth West Wales. Our ethos is to build a team that nurtures and encourages skaters of all abilities, and we pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming. We started life as a recreational skate group (Gower Wreck N Roller Skate) which is still active. We are driven to promote the sport and its development within the South West Wales area and aim to make a positive impact on the lives of all those involved by encouraging members and help the development of qualities such as leadership and sportsmanship, and also to be inspiring, positive role models. Evidence of this is the distance our members are prepared to travel to skate with us.

We train up to four times a week, with sessions suitable for everyone from complete beginner to advanced and scrimmage, this means we can have a structured training programme to meet the needs of all skaters, referees and non skating officials, but also to ensure that training is fun and all skaters/members feel confident in their abilities.

Having built strong relationships with other local teams, our future goals include growing our membership, increasing our wealth of knowledge and diversity of training and skills by using our strong connections with some of the UK’s top skaters. We aim to build more positive connections and to enhance our profile in the local community.

We are very excited to be accepted as members of UKRDA and look forward to a very positive future and promotion of the sport in Wales.