UKRDA and Sanctioning Update

The UKRDA is delighted to announce that we are now launching a rankings system for members. The commencement of this will be the implementation of a sanctioning process for games between member leagues’ teams.  Sanctioned games will help us to develop this official rankings system, but will also enable us to develop our officials and ensure all sanctioned games adhere to UKRDA game play regulations.

Following close work with WFTDA and consultation with members, UKRDA will adopt the WFTDA sanctioning process and use an adapted version of their paperwork. This means our new sanctioning process will easily tie in with leagues that are members of both UKRDA and WFTDA.

Alongside sanctioning, we are planning to have a series of regional tournaments for our members which will result in a UK Championship, something the UKRDA has been working towards from the outset.

Karen Kuhn (Bones), WFTDA Managing Director of Games, is very excited about working closely with the UKRDA to help launch this new process and said; “The WFTDA is very excited about the establishment of national flat track roller derby associations like the UKRDA and what this means for the growth of the sport of flat track roller derby. We are happy to share best practices, standards and to make our materials available to UKRDA for their use, in the course of achieving and executing their mission. We look forward to a collaborative relationship for the benefit of all our members.”

The UKRDA Board Director responsible for Sanctioning and Games, Mistress Malicious, is keen to push the project forward and has been developing the process for many months. She explained how it had evolved, “Last year we asked our members what they wanted from sanctioning games and rankings and the overall feeling was to mirror the WFTDA process. Our WFTDA members particularly wanted the process to be similar to simplify submissions to both organisations. We were very pleased when WFTDA agreed to share their paperwork and process with us and we are very appreciative to Bones for all the time and work she has spent helping us implement it”.

As with all key decisions on the future of roller derby in the UK the UKRDA reports back to member leagues, relying upon and welcoming their input and any member league is welcome to join the sanctioning committee. To help leagues with the paperwork and understand the process we have an extensive FAQ document that is constantly updated.

UKRDA Sanctioning Processor Mona Rampage said, “Developing our own sanctioning process really shows the growth of roller derby in the UK. It is a really exciting time for our organisation and for all UK roller derby leagues – male and female”.

Welcome to Reaper Roller Girls!

The Reaper Roller Girls is a women’s flat track roller derby team based in Swansea and Triple Threat Layout V4 NO BACKGROUNDSouth West Wales. Our ethos is to build a team that nurtures and encourages skaters of all abilities, and we pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming. We started life as a recreational skate group (Gower Wreck N Roller Skate) which is still active. We are driven to promote the sport and its development within the South West Wales area and aim to make a positive impact on the lives of all those involved by encouraging members and help the development of qualities such as leadership and sportsmanship, and also to be inspiring, positive role models. Evidence of this is the distance our members are prepared to travel to skate with us.

We train up to four times a week, with sessions suitable for everyone from complete beginner to advanced and scrimmage, this means we can have a structured training programme to meet the needs of all skaters, referees and non skating officials, but also to ensure that training is fun and all skaters/members feel confident in their abilities.

Having built strong relationships with other local teams, our future goals include growing our membership, increasing our wealth of knowledge and diversity of training and skills by using our strong connections with some of the UK’s top skaters. We aim to build more positive connections and to enhance our profile in the local community.

We are very excited to be accepted as members of UKRDA and look forward to a very positive future and promotion of the sport in Wales.

Welcome to The Norfolk Brawds


THE_NORFOLK_BRAWDS_Logov1_V8 [Converted]

The Norfolk Brawds are a team of saucy sailors based out of Norwich and are the first and only roller derby league in Norfolk. They started out as a group of inexperienced skaters in a tiny church hall in March 2010 and since then the league has grown to over 40 full members. 2011 saw the Brawds public debut against the Seaside Sirens and 2012 was their first full bouting season in which they came in at 4 wins and 3 losses. In 2013 the Brawds are participating in the Heartland Series, the largest roller derby tournament in Europe, and have gotten off to a good start with a win against Bedfordshire Roller Girls.
The Brawds associated men’s league, the East Anglo SmackSons got off the ground in 2012 and is currently training and recruiting.
The Brawds ethos is to play hard on the track while always being welcoming and friendly off of it. We’re number fun!

We are very happy to have them part of UKRDA!