National Teams and Selection

The United Kingdom Roller Derby Association is delighted to announce that it has now formalised the selection process for national team selection for both skaters and coaches and is beginning the process to select UKRDA endorsed mens and women’s teams for all GB countries, ready for action later this year.

As a result of guidelines set out by Sport England, Sport Scotland and the BRSF the UKRDA is now responsible for designing and implementing the criteria and process involved with creation of GB national teams. We do this under strict guidance and with a view to ensuring that the most fair and transparent process for selection is being applied.

We are hugely excited to begin this process of team selection and in the next two weeks we will be opening up applications for the roles of Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Line Up Manager for Team England, Scotland and Wales.

We will also be looking for support staff for the teams, which will include vital roles such as Sponsorship and Team Manager.

We are aware that for non-UKRDA leagues our criteria for skater and coach selection may cause application problems and we are writing to them all to discuss how they can continue to be a part of this very exciting time.

We are proud to have reached this historic moment in UK Roller Derby history and look forward to celebrating the success of our undoubtedly excellent national teams.

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For information the agreement details:

We have agreed that the UKRDA will ensure that Team GB (which can be further broken down as separate Teams England, N Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) are overseen by coaches who have been selected using a fair application process run by the UKRDA.

In adherence to UK Guidelines, skaters and coaches must be members of the BRSF (via the UKRDA) in order to qualify for National Team selection.

The UKRDA will oversee and facilitate try-outs or league visits for skater selection to ensure this is run fairly.

The UKRDA will set and regularly review the criteria for skater selection to ensure a fair and balanced process available to members anywhere in the United Kingdom and in line with UK sporting guidelines and any relevant sports legislation.

The criteria for skater selection is as follows:
Skaters must hold a full UK passport, or have parents or Grandparents who were born in the UK.

UK based skaters must be members of UKRDA leagues. The UKRDA can only endorse skaters from UKRDA leagues as those leagues have been assessed for the correct policies, procedures and training, have references and have been inspected. The UKRDA cannot endorse skaters from non-UKRDA leagues and therefore could not endorse a team containing those skaters. It is also essential that the UK has only one sanctioned representative team (per individual country).

Internationally based UK skaters may try-out for GB teams and this will be considered on a case by case basis.

We will continue to allow skaters to select their country of origin within the UK. Skaters will need to show evidence of their choice, based on location, birth, birth heritage or previous residence.

The criteria for coach selection is as follows:

Coaches must belong to a UKRDA member league and be able to complete the application form in full. Coaches do not have to be UK passport holders.