UKRDA Welcomes Its First Men’s League – Crash Test Brummies


The Crash Test Brummies (CTB) men’s roller derby league formed in February 2012 and draws on a pool of skaters from across the Midlands districts, most of which were previously, and remain, active participants with local women’s leagues as coaches, referees, announcers and non-skating officials (including the Central City Rollergirls, Coventry City Roller Dolls, Birmingham Blitz Dames, Evolution Rollergirls and Wolverhampton Honour Rollers).


The Crash Test Brummies main aim is to promote participation in the sport of roller derby, across the gender spectrum, in the local area and at a national/international level through the involvement in competition. Sporting behaviour is at the centre of their ethos and win or lose, they’re full of ‘derby love’ for those who skate with or against them, and whilst they play to win, their primary interest is in playing for the love of derby itself.


Recruitment is ongoing with more skaters coming into the fold, pulling in a diverse range of people, from complete beginners (with the assistance of established local leagues) through ex-roller hockey players and speed skaters to already active derby participants who’re looking for an opportunity to take on a new role, be that as a player, coach, etc.


CTB are also forming strong relationships with other men’s leagues through closed events, scrimmaging, and hosting guest skaters at their practices and so on. Highlighting their rapid progress, it’s worth noting that, a mere 8 months after forming, they’ve already hosted two closed bouts, competed in the 2012 MERDC, won 1 open bout, and have attended various scrimmages with other men’s leagues across the country and have a very full diary for the year ahead! One of the Managing Directors JC/DC said “We consider our historic membership into the UKRDA a privilege, this an exciting time for us, and we look forward to working with the UKRDA towards helping to build a prosperous future for UK roller derby”