Welcome Haunted City!

Haunted City Rollers (HCR) is based in Derby, the dead centre of the UK, and had its first training session in January 2011. After a slow start in 2011 with (too common in our sport!) difficulties finding practice space, they finally found a home in April 2012. Since then the team has been going from strength to strength with some closed door / mixed bouting taken place so far with local teams. HCR currently has 25 full members with interest and membership growing fast. The amazing training team provide training and advice to skaters of all abilities from starter to advanced bouting.

Throughout the last year and a half HCR have forged some strong links with local charities including homeless charities, cancer support charities and children’s charities. All the members in the league look forward to making these links stronger when they host their own home bouts.

HCR look forward to being active members of the UKRDA and are very excited about bouting with many UKRDA leagues in the future. In addition HCR is looking forward to contributing to the sport of roller derby in the Derby derby team!

UKRDA announce GB-EMS as 1st Sponsor

GB Emergency Medical Services Ltd have been involved in Roller Derby since December 2010. Since then we have provided medical cover to various bouts across the UK as well as becoming the first UKRDA Endorsed medical team for Roller Derby cover.

We pride ourselves on being familiar with the WFTDA rules regarding Medical Cover as well as the WFTDA Safety Protocols and always strive to be the best.

We recognise that teams are run “By the Skater, For the Skater” and have to cover the costs of bouts themselves. To this end we pride ourselves on providing experienced staff to Roller Derby bouts whilst maintaining a realistic yet WFTDA compliant approach. We are the dedicated Medical Team to numerous leagues around the country, as well as being the Medical Team behind the Team USA vs. Team England / London Brawling bout. We have provided Medical Teams to the UKRDA Expo Tournament, Mens European Roller Derby Championships as well as “The End of the World Series” and the “Sur5al” series of events.

As part of our Endorsement and Sponsorship links with UKRDA, GB-EMS are pleased to offer a 10% discount to any UKRDA Member League booking bout medical cover with us.