Hulls Angels – welcome to the family!

Hulls Angels Roller Dames (HARD) had its first session in September 2010 and was built from the ground up. HARD now has around fifty members at different levels including non skating officials, refs and volunteers. The whole team aspires to be the best they can and often take whatever the coach throws at them and ask for more.

The league initially struggled convincing local businesses of the integrity of roller derby, being the first team in east Yorkshire it was difficult to make any comparisons. But with a great promotions team they continue to enlighten the uninitiated and by June 2010 had the full support of the Sports Arena in Hull, a brilliant venue that allows them to provide excellent facilities to all visiting leagues.

Although not a coed team, the Angels allow male skaters to join in all drills and occasionally scrim with them. HARD have hosted two double headers to date and the opening bouts have included one all male bout and the second ever public coed bout in the UK.

Intakes are held every two months and newer skaters (cherubs) go through an eight week program that combines the minimum skills set as well as derby rules and the importance of teamwork. Angels are encouraged to impart their knowledge and experience to the cherubs to make them feel included and push themselves to reach their potential.

Hulls Angles Roller Dames are very excited to be part of UKRDA and helping to make roller derby a legitimate and recognised sport in the UK.