UKRDA meets with WFTDA

UKRDA are extremely pleased to have taken part in their first virtual meeting with the full board of directors at the WFTDA, chaired by Bloody Mary.  The discussion was positive, productive and promising for the continued progression of UK roller derby for both WFTDA and non WFTDA leagues. Topics covered included sanctioned bouts, rankings, specific coaching qualifications, men’s and junior derby, insurance, tournaments and certification for refs and NSO’s.

President Nancy Spinatra (Sallyann Wright) said “We really look forward to working with the WFTDA to the benefit of derby not just in the UK, but worldwide.  We  also hope to be able to forge strong relationships with not only WFTDA, but other derby associations as well and, as always, we welcome comments and suggestions that encourage this.”

UKRDA member league reps, we look forward to your continued and active participation in our on-going discussions and activities for UKRDA.

One thought on “UKRDA meets with WFTDA

  1. Great news and I follow derby with interest but just FYI, as a non Derby player I did have to Google who the WFTDA were! 😉

    Keep up the great work 🙂

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