Men’s Euro Roller Derby Champs

2 days, 21 furious mini-bouts and 4 full-length battles – The easiest way to summarise the first ever Men’s European Roller Derby Championships. The UK’s very own Southern Discomfort came from behind against Toulouse’s Quad Guards to take the trophy in the closing seconds in what was surely one of the most tense, exciting bouts of the year.

UKRDA were proud to be there; with President Nancy Spinatra on-hand to answer your questions, Director Phoenix in Flames deep in the action as a team bench-coach and a few dozen men on-track representing UKRDA under the umbrella of their member-leagues.

Phoenix in Flames said of the event “It’s been a superb weekend that’s demonstrated the high-standard of derby being played by men in the UK. I’m confident that the UKRDA will soon benefit from the addition of these men’s leagues within our organisation and their contribution will continue to help us represent and grow roller derby in the UK”.

The event ran like clock-work and congratulations have to be handed to organisers Jammie Dodger, co-head referee’s Cherry Fury and Miss Trial and co-head NSO’s Jess of the D’Erbykills and Dangerous Danger.

Here at UKRDA we’ve certainly come away with plenty of ideas that’ll help us with the planning of our first independent tournament….watch this space for more information as our member leagues continue to contribute to discussions around rankings and tournament structure.