UKRDA meets with WFTDA

UKRDA are extremely pleased to have taken part in their first virtual meeting with the full board of directors at the WFTDA, chaired by Bloody Mary.  The discussion was positive, productive and promising for the continued progression of UK roller derby for both WFTDA and non WFTDA leagues. Topics covered included sanctioned bouts, rankings, specific coaching qualifications, men’s and junior derby, insurance, tournaments and certification for refs and NSO’s.

President Nancy Spinatra (Sallyann Wright) said “We really look forward to working with the WFTDA to the benefit of derby not just in the UK, but worldwide.  We  also hope to be able to forge strong relationships with not only WFTDA, but other derby associations as well and, as always, we welcome comments and suggestions that encourage this.”

UKRDA member league reps, we look forward to your continued and active participation in our on-going discussions and activities for UKRDA.

National Museum of Roller Derby – In Scotland!

Press Release from the National Museum of Roller Derby.
Watch a short video here:


On 14 June 2012, Mistress Malicious – the cofounder of the UK’s fourth ever roller derby league, Glasgow Roller Girls – cut the red tape to officially launch the ‘National Museum of Roller Derby’ project at Glasgow Women’s Library.

Initiated by artist Ellie Harrison (who is also training with Glasgow Roller Derby) and endorsed by UKRDA, the ‘National Museum of Roller Derby’ (NMRD) will be the UK’s first permanent public archive of ephemera and memorabilia relating to the sport of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby.

In the presence of library regulars and roller girls alike, the event on 14 June celebrated the first of many donations of materials – bout programmes, photos, press cuttings and more – which will form the foundations of the new museum’s collection.

Over the summer months, the NMRD hopes to build its collection by working with UKRDA to make connections with leagues all over the country. Offering a safe place in an accredited museum environment where materials relating to their different histories can be preserved for posterity.

On 25-26 August the NMRD will make its first public outing at the Chaos on the Clyde tournament at Glasgow’s Kelvinhall, where its stall will welcome more donations from those leagues taking part and from fans who are keen to get involved.

Library archivists will be on hand to meet roller girls and record their personal stories.
Then 22 September 2012 sees the launch of The Revolution on Roller Skates – the first public exhibition at the library of materials donated to the new museum. Curated by members of Glasgow Roller Derby and Auld Reekie Roller Girls – Cara Viola, Maulin’ Rouge and Bint Imperial – the exhibition will offer an insight into the fast-andfurious first years of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby in the UK, since it arrived from The States in 2006.

The Revolution on Roller Skates
Opening Event: Saturday 22 September 2012, 14:00 – 16:00
Exhibition Dates: 22 September – 13 October 2012
Opening Times: Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 16:30 (or by appointment)
National Museum of Roller Derby
Glasgow Women’s Library, 15 Berkeley Street, Glasgow, G3 7BW

For more information please visit:

Men’s Euro Roller Derby Champs

2 days, 21 furious mini-bouts and 4 full-length battles – The easiest way to summarise the first ever Men’s European Roller Derby Championships. The UK’s very own Southern Discomfort came from behind against Toulouse’s Quad Guards to take the trophy in the closing seconds in what was surely one of the most tense, exciting bouts of the year.

UKRDA were proud to be there; with President Nancy Spinatra on-hand to answer your questions, Director Phoenix in Flames deep in the action as a team bench-coach and a few dozen men on-track representing UKRDA under the umbrella of their member-leagues.

Phoenix in Flames said of the event “It’s been a superb weekend that’s demonstrated the high-standard of derby being played by men in the UK. I’m confident that the UKRDA will soon benefit from the addition of these men’s leagues within our organisation and their contribution will continue to help us represent and grow roller derby in the UK”.

The event ran like clock-work and congratulations have to be handed to organisers Jammie Dodger, co-head referee’s Cherry Fury and Miss Trial and co-head NSO’s Jess of the D’Erbykills and Dangerous Danger.

Here at UKRDA we’ve certainly come away with plenty of ideas that’ll help us with the planning of our first independent tournament….watch this space for more information as our member leagues continue to contribute to discussions around rankings and tournament structure.