Here come the boys!

The Men’s tournament is just around the corner and here at the UKRDA we’ve had several Men’s leagues approaching us with a view to becoming members. We are really excited that you are all so keen and because so many men at the tournament belong to a primary league that is already a UKRDA member you have been asking if can wear your UKRDA badges.

The answer is Yes! We want to celebrate this, so skaters who belong to UKRDA leagues and who are playing in the tournament can wear our UKRDA patch on their shorts (not on their Men’s League shirt). Your member league should be able to provide you with a patch if you don’t yet have one, or they can contact us to rush-order more.

Let’s see how many of you we can get flying the UKRDA flag at the Men’s Euros.

Watch this space to find out who is going to win the race to be our very first Men’s full member league.