Welcome Seaside Sirens to the UKRDA family.

The Seaside Siren Roller Girls (SSRG) were established in November 2009 in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. After appearing as guest skaters in various mixed team bouts, they began bouting publicly as SSRG in April 2011.

The league has grown steadily over the past 2 ½ years from an initial group of six skaters to a membership of around sixty; including skaters, officials, and bench staff. This growth would not have been possible without an enormous amount of help, advice and encouragement from the rest of the UK derby community, for which the Seaside Sirens will be eternally grateful.

The Seaside Sirens currently have two travel teams, their A-Team, the Coast Busters and their B-Team, the Heartless Beaches. In addition, there is a growing group of up and coming ‘fresh meat’ recruited through a rolling Fresh Meat program.

The league ensures that it is as inclusive as possible and values each and every member’s contribution whether on skates or off-skates. Skaters and officials are all encouraged to participate and volunteer in non-Siren bouts and events to help build their own knowledge and that of the league. This attitude has lead to a well recognised and respected officials crew headed up by Head NSO Ragna Rock, as well as many dear friendships and connections across the UK derby community.
Seaside Siren Roller Girls are actively involved in the local community and this year have adopted a Chosen Charity: The Dove Centre (SOSDAP) – a place of refuge for women experiencing domestic abuse. As well as fundraising on behalf of the charity, Sirens also volunteer their time.

In addition to all the serious stuff, Seaside Sirens promote the fact that derby should also be fun! The league are always praised on how well run and enjoyable their events are, and their after-parties have been described as ‘infamous’ on more than one occasion.

Managing Director, Jenna Tail’ya said: “We are very excited to be accepted as a member of UKRDA. Working to help support the growth and development of roller derby as a legitimised sport in the UK is a cause the Sirens have always stood behind, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be contributing on an official level. We’re obviously also looking forward to how much we will gain as a league from the UKRDA, which can only help us learn and progress even further. We’re stoked!”

For more information please visit: http://www.seasidesirenrollergirls.com/