UKRDA welcomes new Member Belfast Roller Derby

Belfast Roller DerbyBelfast Roller Derby was founded in early 2010 by a small group who saw the potential for introducing roller derby to Northern Ireland and, to quote one of their members “for skating our little hearts out!”

The first official session was held in April 2010 with some help from previous Glasgow Roller Derby (GRD) skater Lethal Lou Lou and current GRD member Sarah McMillan.

Since then, they have grown in both size and confidence. In 2011 they were joined by founding member of the Fair City Rollers, L’il Ms Guttersnipe, who took ther training up a notch. This culminated with their first public bout at the end of last year in front of a home crowd. They have a strong member base full of proactive, dedicated ladies and gents who are all working hard to take the league to the next level and a wonderful bunch of fresh meat coming up through the ranks. They continue to work hard to be the best they can, while still enjoying themselves and bonding as a league.

In keeping with modern derby ethos, they are dedicated to being run by and for their members. As well as over 30 active skaters, BRD are lucky to be able to enjoy having their own group of hard working referees and a dedicated Head NSO.  Having an enthusiastic bunch of NSOs will also come in handy for 2012, with bouts arranged for almost every month for their All-star team, the Belfast Banshees. They also have upcoming intra-league bouts, where they look forward to a rematch between home teams, the Hellfast City Hitgirls and the Titanic Titans.

When asked about their thoughts on joining UKRDA, Hannahbolic Steroids said:

“We are delighted to join the UKRDA and can’t wait to get stuck in and share the craic with all the other member leagues and take that next step up in our development”

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Welcome to new Member Cardiff Roller Collective (CRoC)

Founded in October 2010, Cardiff Roller Collective (CRoC) were originally an all-female flat track roller derby league in Cardiff, South Wales. They are now actively involved in several roller sports including roller hockey, artistic roller skating and mens roller derby. Their mission is to actively provide and sustain an environment in which courage, mental acumen, and respect are developed and fostered in tandem with vitality, athletic ability and physical strength, through the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Through the sport of Roller Derby and the UKRDA, CRoC aims to empower women by challenging team members’ personal growth both on and off the track. They also actively encourage men into what is currently a female orientated/dominated sport.

They also support our referees, coaches and NSOs (Non-Skating Officials) through training events and bootcamps to improve their knowledge to continue to support their league and provide support at events to other leagues across the UK continuing the growth in local roller derby across the UK and beyond.

CRoC are committed to low carbon skating! Their team uniform is multicoloured but they are doing everything they can to be green.

For more information visit:

Cardiff Roller Collective are a registered charity: 1143708

UKRDA passes 1000 participant milestone.

Actually, we passed it a couple months ago but have been so busy with our internal projects (stay tuned for more news!) that we forgot to announce it!

UKRDA now represents almost 1500 roller derby participants; the large majority of whom are women, however this is slowly changing.

The list of represented leagues is growing and we have new leagues applying every month.

Now, can we make it 2500 by the end of the year? Leagues – keep your applications coming in and we just might!