Member of the Month – Glasgow Roller Derby

Glasgow Roller Derby Logo
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Formed: March 2007
Number of Members: 80


What brought on your recent rebrand?
After five amazing years of roller derby here at Glasgow Roller Girls we decided it was time for a change and what better way to do this than with an awesome new look to celebrate. We feel that as Glasgow Roller Derby (GRD) we are spreading our wings as a league and the new look signifies our development, inclusiveness and commitment to the sport and its future as we look forward to the next five years and beyond.

How many teams do you have?
Two travel teams, the Irn Bruisers, our All Star travel team who comprise our WFTDA charter skaters, and the Maiden Grrders, our up-and-coming All Star reserves. We also have our third home teams season, starting this summer. Reigning champions the Death Stars will be taking on tough competition from the Hells Belles and first season winners the Bad Omens.

What have you got coming up?
On 24th March our Maiden Grrders are heading south to play Newcastle and then it’s a double header at home with Stockholm in April. It’s the second international bout of the season after the Irn Bruisers took on the might of Berlin Bombshells on 10th March. In May, at our new larger venue the Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena, our travel teams play Paris and Dundee. In June our All Star team will be travelling to Sweden to play Crime City and then the following day will be going across the water to compete against Copenhagen. GRD are also very excited to be hosting our first tournament in August comprising several of the top UK and European teams.

What has been your proudest moment?
Taking third place at the first European tournament, Roll Britannia, will always be a proud moment for the league. Also being accepted into the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Apprentice programme came through a great deal of hard work from many dedicated skaters in the league. More recently being selected to compete in the United Kingdom Roller Derby Association (UKRDA) exhibition tournament at Tattoo Freeze, and taking third place, was a great moment.

Where next, then?
Short term we are looking to graduate to become a full WFTDA member league. Longer term our aims as we move forward are to develop skills across the league through our home season, play internationally for our WFTDA rankings and continue to push to be the best we can be!

What makes your league tick?
GRD has always been a very forward-looking league and it’s this drive to continually progress which trickles down from league training to new skaters at Glasgow Roller Recruits. There is a place for everyone at GRD whether that is a top travel team skater, a referee, a newly skills passed skater or a core member of our awesome NSO team.
We are a democratic league and work together for the best of the club. We succeed and fail as a team and to us that’s not failing at all.

What is your wish for UK Derby?
As a founder member of UKRDA we are excited about the growth and development of the organisation and its aims for our sport in the future. The recent exhibition tournament was a great success and showed how a ranking system could work for its members.

As a member of WFTDA we also look forward to a new European region in 2013.!/WeAreGRD

Royal Windsor Roller Girls ‘Get Involved’ on Sky Sports News

A 5 minute piece, featuring a busy all-abilities practice, a victorious bout and interviews with players and coaches aired on Saturday 17th March, Sky Sports News channel 405, hourly between 6am and 11am went up on the Sky Sports News website shortly thereafter.

League Founder Marie Melvin and some of her Windsor team mates speak about derby – tune in at Sky Sports News (sky sports)

Welcome to Rainy City Roller Girls

The Rainy City Roller Girls are an established all-female full contact roller derby league. Founded in Greater Manchester in 2008, they have gone from strength to strength, bouting regularly against the top teams in the UK. In September, they opened a new training and bouting venue in Oldham, and have forged strong links with the local sports and physical activity organisations.

Their vision for the future is to be ranked as one of the best in Europe. They have a wealth of experience amongst their ranks, including Team England squad players Missy Rascal and Dee-Mise, and are incredibly lucky to have some extremely talented coaches and an impeccable referee/officiating crew to help them become better skaters and grow as a team. When asked about team ethos, Cleo has this to say “We believe that by working together and constantly developing ourselves and our team, that we can achieve our dream.”

They are always looking for ways to grow their league, and make roller derby accessible to more people. They hold a weekly New Skaters session where anyone over the age of 18 can come and give roller derby a try and also run bootcamps and private coaching sessions to help newer leagues grow and develop.

“We are tremendously excited and honoured to be part of the UKRDA, and look forward to working with other leagues to continue championing our sport, and to spread a positive message about roller derby far and wide.” Said Cleo.

To see a snapshot of them in action, check out this video.

Contact Details

To get in touch, or find out more, visit

Welcome to Brighton Rockers Roller Derby

Brighton Rockers Logo
The Brighton Rockers main aims in life are to have fun, and also to win. They were formed in early 2010, and started bouting a year later. Since then, they have hosted a number of home bouts against some “awesome teams”, and theirplans for derby world domination are right on track. There currently boast about 40 participants, including an A team and B team (the Bruisers), and they are in the process of training up their 3rd intake of fresh meat.
To the envy of pretty much all UK leagues, Brighton are lucky enough to have their own warehouse for training and bouts (and hope to hang on to it for as long as possible!). They have plans to bout plenty of established leagues this year, and are also looking forward to mentoring some of the newer local leagues that have started up recently. They are currently working on raising their profile in Brighton with a view to building a local fanbase. When asked about joining UKRDA, Betsy Bourbon said “We’re thrilled to be joining the UKRDA as it will be a great opportunity to work with other leagues and help roller derby get the UK love it deserves.”