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Kent Roller Girls was formed in 2010, with their first practice taking place in July of that year. The league is currently the only one in the county of Kent and trainings are spread across the county to try to incorporate as many interested people as possible. We are a ‘by the skaters for the skaters’ league as most in the UK are, and we encourage all our members to be involved with molding the league and helping it to achieve its short and long term goals.
The league has steadily grown over the last year with the help of Team Captain Demi Lition’s expertise and knowledge gained during her time as a Leeds Roller Doll. The league also received huge support from the established derby community, something KRG is eternally grateful for, the help received allowed us to grow as a team and feel a part of the family that is UK derby.
KRG had their first public bout in September of 2011 hosted by the Seaside Sirens, this bout signified the end goal of all the leagues hard work over its first year, a difficult time for all leagues. Many KRG skaters have also been given the opportunity to guest skate with other leagues, which has been a great learning experience.
The league currently has 1 travel team but are hoping to form an A and a B team towards the end of 2012 thanks to our new intake. KRG is currently half way through our first ‘fresh meat’ program; which has proven to be hugely popular for both prospective players and referees.
We are hugely honored to become members of the UKRDA and we hope to work with them and the league members to promote Roller Derby across the United Kingdom. We also hope to support all leagues across the UK in the same way that we have been supported.
For more information please visit www.kentrollergirls.com

UKRDA welcomes first male rep

A referee from a Birmingham roller derby league has made UKRDA history by becoming the first man to represent his league at the organisation.

Major Travis T, who is affiliated to Central City Rollergirls, joins existing CCR reps Nancy Spinatra and Germaine Leer. He said, “Whilst I might not be a player, I think that it’s important that there is a voice present from the other side of the track. In order for UKRDA and UK roller derby to be successful, the standards of the officials working the games need to be of the highest quality.”


Although roller derby is a predominantly female sport, men’s derby has grown in popularity in the UK during 2011, and UKRDA is open to women’s, men’s, or co-ed adult leagues, and encourages diversity.


Nancy Spinatra, who is also the organisation’s president, said she is pleased to have Travis on board. “Roller derby is a sport for male and female skaters, refs and NSO’s, and Travis brings with him a wealth of ref, coaching and skating experience both from UK and International roller derby that can now be shared with all UKRDA members.”


Travis recently refereed at the first roller derby world cup in Toronto, and although the UKRDA encourages all women’s leagues in the UK to join WFTDA, he believes UK leagues also need their own official body. “Although WFTDA is driving the sport internationally, there are a lot of UK leagues that aren’t ready to become WFTDA apprentices yet, but still need the guidance of a national governing body to develop.”


“I hope to help progress the standard of officiating within the UKRDA, along with trying to assist on the other issues and challenges facing the organisation.”