Support Teams England and Scotland in the Roller Derby World Cup.

The UKRDA is proud to support the two National Teams heading over to Toronto, Canada in a couple of weeks to represent England and Scotland at the Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup. Both teams have been training hard over the past few months in preparation for the event.

Dalai Harmer
Feral Fairy
Fox Sake
Frightning Bolt
Grievous Bodily Charm
Hustle Her
Jack Attack
Juicy Lucy
Kamikaze Kitten
Missy Rascal
Raw Heidi
Rogue Runner
Shaolynn Scarlett (injured)
Stefanie Mainey
The Mighty Mighty Bash
Violet Attack
Coaches: Ballistic Whistle, Barry Fight & Rollin’ StoneR.

You can follow Team England on Twitter (@TeamEnglandRD), facebook, or visit their website if you’re interested in helping contribute funds to individual skaters or all of Team England to help them get to the 2011 World Cup.

Rollin’ StoneR says:

Thanks for all the awesome messages of support you continue to send with your donations, please keep ’em coming!  Every £ you can spare is very much appreciated!!!

Alma Geddon
Armed Bandit
Betty Gogo
Blazin’ Phoenix
Clinically Wasted
Danger Mouth
Fight Cub
Lily Lethal
Marla Mayhem
Marshal Lawless
Minnie Riot
Mo B Quick
Moxie Emerald
Whiskey Galore
Wild Oates
Coaches: Viper and Alma Geddon

From the team:

Team Scotland Roller Derby team and supporters have been working hard over the past 6 months to raise funds to get the team to the first ever Roller Derby World Cup.  All the leagues in Scotland have pitched in, and an amazing amount of money and sponsorship has been raised through fundraising events, merchandise and generous donations.

We have a honeyfund account where people can donate to us, and you can also hit the donate button on our website.

Keep up with the latest team news at the Team Scotland website:, Facebook: or follow them on Twitter:

Check back on the UKRDA website for the teams’ bout schedules/brackets.