Member of the Month – Auld Reekie Roller Girls

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Formed: April 2008
Number of Members: 85

How many teams do you have?
Two travel teams, the Twisted Thistles, our All Star travel team who comprise our WFTDA charter skaters, and the Cannon Belles, our up-and-coming All Star reserves. We also just announced our first ever Home Season, starting January 2012! We are dead excited about it and the teams battling it out will be the Cherry Bombers, the Leithal Weapons and the Skatefast Club.

Last, but not least, our most recent addition to the ARRG family are the newly christened Wrecking Balls, our awesome recreational team. Less than a month old, they already kick rec butt!

How will your season be structured with all this change?
Our new home season will run from January to the end of April, and then our travel team games will make up the rest of the year and will include our WFTDA sanctioned games for the year!

What have you got coming up?
On 10th December our Cannon Belles are heading south to play Newcastle and then it’s straight into our new home season come January, where a lot of new faces will be making their bout debuts – we’ve got some great new talent up and coming. The Thistles are very excited about heading down to London later on in 2012 to play the Suffra Jets too!

Do you have any particular leagues who have helped you out?
London Rollergirls have been a huge help in advising us about progressing through the WFTDA Apprentice Program and graduating to a full member league. In addition, Montreal Roller Derby helped us out last year by coming up and playing us in a closed bout last April, on our third birthday no less!

What has been your proudest moment?
Being accepted into the Womens Flat Track Derby Association as a full member league has obviously meant a great deal to us, but there has been so much! In the past year alone, we have played against internationally ranked teams, developed and launched three new intraleague teams and started up a recreational team! This has been a huge year for ARRG!

Where next, then?
Our aims as we move forward are to develop skills across the league through our home season, play internationally for our WFTDA rankings and continue to push to be the best we can be!

What makes your league tick?
ARRG are dedicated to creating a place to skate for anyone who wants to, be they Fresh Meat who have never skated before, someone who chooses to skate non-competitively or one of our extremely determined travel team members. We run our league entirely democratically with a ‘for the skaters, by the skaters’ approach, so we depend on the people involved to keep us going. We also maintain our favourite saying in everything that we do; it’s nice to be nice!

What is your wish for UK Derby?
A European WFTDA Region and a UK rankings system for all UKRDA member leagues!

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