Joining UKRDA – References

We have received some enquiries about references from current member leagues to support applications to join UKRDA.

Please note, that referee leagues must have had direct contact with the applying league and at least one of these will have attended a training session of the applicant. So applicants can request a reference from one league they may have bouted against, and one they have invited coaches from or hosted a mixed session with.

UKRDA feels it is important for leagues to reach out and collaborate – this is a huge benefit to newer leagues (such as by having experienced coaches visit and lead training sessions), and this collaboration is also a big part of what makes our community such a great and close knit one.

It also ensures that the referee league has observed your league first hand.

Current UKRDA Members who can provide references are listed here: Current Members

2 thoughts on “Joining UKRDA – References

  1. Can you tell me how I can find out other uk team colours before we pick the same as someone else? Thanks

  2. Just do a google sear of teams – It’s likely you’ll end up with he same colours as another league – but there are only so many to choose from and as long as youre logo and branding differ, it will be fine.

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