Member of the Month – Central City Rollergirls

How is your season structured? Historically when we were establishing ourselves we always had a quiet time attendance wise in the summer months (June, July & August) so structured our season Sept to mid June. Our Intra League season is – Oct, Jan, Apr, final June – – just completed full season 1, congrats to Disco Beaters!

How often do you practice? 4 times a week

Tells us about your coaching structure: We have a dedicated coaching team who look after each group of skaters – Newbies, Rookies, Intermediates and Advanced skaters. Additionally, we have a number of Travel Team girls who pitch in with the weekly Newbie Basic Skills Sessions. Weekend sessions we often buddy up Rookies with Travel team girls to give them 1-2-1 tuition. All in all it’s a massive team effort – skaters are encouraged to own their own development and that’s supported by an excellent network of coaches.

Any sister leagues or leagues you have a special bond with? We have close links with many teams. LRG helped us out a lot in the early days with advise and coaching, Romsey Town Roller Billies stepped in with our first ever bout lending us the lovely Mollie Cosh and Hermaphrodite. We also are really close to MMR and ARRG who we’ve now played 5 times but have yet to beat! We’re very proud to have supported and guided DRR when Noush and Slam decided to move from CCR and start their own league in Leicester. We were able to supply advice, kit and coaches to help them on their way.

Who are your biggest rivals and why? ARRG? See above!

What has been your proudest moment? The past 3 ½ years have been amazing as we’ve gone from strength to strength. Perhaps the defining moment was beating Leeds so closely in January 2010; that seemed to spur us on to a victorious season that just keeps going. Also being part of Roll Brittania , our success against LRR this season after losing to them at Tattoo Freeze and finally becoming a WFTDA Apprentice League!!!!!

What makes your league tick? CCR has always been inclusive – everyone is equally important to the league regardless of skill level or role. We strongly encourage and enable league contribution and this has blessed us with an army of volunteers that make all our training, bouts, fund raisers, and parties such a massive success. We also have very clear admin and organisation structure that gives us the strong foundation to grow and succeed

What is the on track wish for CCR? We intend to continue to grow as a league, offering some serious UK competition to LRG and to constantly move UK Derby forward. We also intend to keep our mantra of ‘CCR – spreading the love’ going strong!


What is your wish for UK Derby? A structured competition – 2012 has got to be time for a WFTDA style UK Regionals! Roll Britannia 2 anyone?

Best thing about Derby? Watching women realise that they can become superheroes and make friends at the same time, the totally stupid things you laugh about and make rituals of on a road trip,

Worst thing about Derby? when a downed skater doesn’t get straight back up, pad stink, injuries that take you out of the game and Roller Derby ‘meh’

Some parting words? Warning – roller derby will change your life. Get involved NOW!

For more information about CCR and getting involved as a skater or volunteer, check out their website:
Twitter/FB:!/The_CCR ,

UKRDA Welcomes its First Welsh Member League.

The UKRDA is happy to announce the addition of the Tiger Bay Brawlers, our first Welsh member league!

The Tiger Bay Brawlers were established in April 2010 and have dominated the roller derby scene in Cardiff, South Wales. Since its inception, the league has gone from strength to strength and started bouting in January this year. A recent fresh-meat intake has grown the league considerably, and the Brawlers hope to debut their intra-league teams early in 2012.

As a league, the Tiger Bay Brawlers are wholly committed to promoting and maintaining the highest standards of technical competence and safety in roller derby and passionate about promoting the sport throughout Wales and the UK. Rachel ‘Dolly Dropkick’ Davies, a founding member and skater, says “being members of the UKRDA enables us to ensure we are providing a quality experience for our league members. We very much look forward to working with the UKRDA to build the reputation of roller derby so we can contribute to the growth of our sport in the UK.  We’re really proud of how far we’ve come in such a short time and to be affiliated with the UKRDA”.

Check out the Tiger Bar Brawlers here: