Roller Derby Recognised as a sport in the UK

The UK Roller Derby Association (UKRDA) are pleased to announce that The British Roller Sports Federation (BRSF) has, on the 14th February 2011, acknowledged roller derby as an official roller discipline in the UK.

Arriving in the UK in April 2006, roller derby is a unique, fast-paced and fast-growing female-dominated sport. In the beginning, there were only a handful of active leagues, now just over 4 years later, there are currently in excess of 70 leagues nationwide.

UKRDA president and London Rollergirl Slice Andice said, “The 15 founder member leagues of the UKRDA have worked hard to help roller derby grow in the UK and are pleased to be officially recognised by the BRSF, who we look forward to working with, along with the other skating discliplines, to help grow roller sports as a whole.

The UKRDA exists to lobby for and promote the sport of roller derby in the UK, and being officially recognised helps UKRDA to achieve it’s aim to help drive the growth, expertise and recognition of the sport, whilst supporting and encouraging members to develop and grow individually into strong, athletic leagues.

The UKRDA will be opening up membership to all UK leagues in Spring 2011 and are looking forward to forging ahead on this historic path in the UK’s Roller Derby history.
A Q&A on UKRDA and it’s aims will be available shortly.