UKRDA Announces New Board of Directors

The UKRDA is pleased to announce the election of its first Board of Directors.

President – Slice Andice
Recently stepping down after 3 years as a Director of the London Rollergirls, Slice has been involved in rollerderby for 4 years, making her one of the longest serving members in the UK rollerderby community. She is currently captain of her home team – the Steam Rollers, and has represented her league in international competition.

Vice President – Minx A’matosis
One of the original members of the Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls, minx is a Director for LBRG, alongside holding a number of other roles, including Committee Head for Press, PR and Media as well as Finance. Skating since early 2008, minx is on the current LBRG travel team whilst also being a proud member of the Defiants, one of LBRG’s new intra league teams for 2011.

Company Secretary – Germaine Leer
Germaine co-founded the first league in the North East – the Middlesbrough Milk Rollers – in late 2007. She has spent 3 years building the league and promoting roller derby in the North East – MMR hosted the North East’s first derby expo in September 2009. Germaine is currently Vice Captain of MMR and has guest skated for various leagues in the UK.

The Board of Directors is due to expand over the coming months, and the results of those elections will be forthcoming.