UKRDA Grievance and Code of Conduct Working Group: Vacancy

Chair of the UKRDA Grievance and Code of Conduct Working Group

The UKRDA has made public our commitment to review the Code of Conduct and Grievance Policy currently in place for the UKRDA and UKRDA member leagues. This is at the same time as a review of these processes within the WFTDA and MRDA.
We are seeking a Chair to establish a Working Group outside of the UKRDA Board to review the current policies and develop a new Code of Conduct and Grievance policy which will be put to all UKRDA members at the next AGM, within the next 6 months.

The Chair will be given the full support of the UKRDA Board, any information held by the UKRDA, contacts with the WFTDA and MRDA as required, as well as support in communicating with UKRDA members and the wider roller derby community. The Chair will be able to recruit members to the Working Group to support them in developing and implementing a project plan to develop the new CoC and Grievance Policy.

We are looking for a Chair who has experience in conflict resolution, policy development, HR and project management. We are aware that this is a vital role in supporting the development of roller derby in the UK and so want all applicants to be aware that the timetable, profile and time commitments are significant. However this role offers significant experience and has the potential to support the roller derby community at a time of change and growth. The Chair does not have to be a member of a UKRDA Member league but experience of our Code of Conduct and Grievance Policy would be advantageous.

If you are interested in supporting us in developing this important piece of work, please complete the form below by April 8th 2019. The applications will be reviewed by the UKRDA Board and all applicants will be contacted in the following week.

Any questions please contact us on

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Officiating Development Committee: Applications Open Now!

The Officiating Development Committee shall include the following as well as any other ideas or suggestions that will assist Officials in the UK.

  • Assisting in developing training material for UKRDA Leagues
  • Providing training material support and officiating resources to UKRDA Leagues
  • Developing Officials in the United Kingdom through Training Material and Bootcamps
  • Actively communicate through the Officials portion of the UKRDA Forum
  • Assisting with developing Junior Officials in the United Kingdom
  • Reviewing the current Recognition of the Officials portion of the UKRDA to determine how to allow access to the UKRDA Officials portion of the Forum without the need to be under the previous Recognition process.
  • Sourcing sponsorship opportunities for UKRDA Leagues to specifically assist their Officials and a view to further extend this to Officials in the UK in general.
  •  Attend regular meetings and discussions

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Conflict resolution panel

Just a quick note to let you all know that our conflict resolution panel will be unavailable until 10/09/18. Any requests for the panel will be dealt with after this date and you may not receive a response to your request until then.

Guest Blog: Dazed and Confused

Guest Blog: Pastor IcePax
Emergency Medical Technician
WFTDA Risk Management Committee
WFTDA European Tournaments Medical Staffing Liaison



Dazed and Confused (or … “so that’s what the ceiling looks like”)

Concussion… seemingly the latest “thing” in sports, every athlete in this sport knows someone who’s had one; but it can’t be THAT bad can it?
Let’s have a look;

How seriously do the UKRDA and WFTDA governing bodies take a skaters safety at a bout?

  • The current WFTDA guidelines are that any SINGLE positive indication on the concussion tests at a bout is enough for the medics to declare a skater unfit to skate for the rest of the game (NOT the half).
  • The Medical Team can stop a skater skating for ANY reason if they suspect that skater is not fit to skate under ANY circumstances (i.e. this doesn’t just apply to concussions).

IcePax – how did your concussion(s) happen?
Arty – During a game at Eastbourne Extreme, I turned and presented my chest to a jammer who dropped his shoulder and sprinted at me. Hitting me square in the solar plexus and driving up, he took me up and off my feet. I fell flat on my side, on concrete, and was knocked out by the impact.

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Welcome to our new member leagues

Kent Mens Roller Derby, the first dedicated men’s team in Kent, England, formed in 2017 based in Herne Bay.










North Devon Roller Derby
Founded in May 2011 based in North Devon










Killa Hurtz Roller Derby
Formed in 2011 in Chelmsford England









Durham Roller Derby
Formed in 2014 in Durham England

Statement regarding behaviour expectations

In light of the recent issue regarding sexually inappropriate behaviour, UKRDA would like to take the time to reiterate that any form of sexually inappropriate behaviour in any form or physical assault is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. If you have experienced such acts within the UK Roller Derby community or out of the UK we are truly sorry and we are here to listen.

We encourage those who have experienced any of these acts to raise their complaints with the relevant skater leagues or if you feel you can not, raise your complaint with us, we will investigate all complaints fully and take action when it’s required. We do not take allegations of this nature lightly.

Roller Derby should always be maintained as a safe space in all areas. To ensure this we need your voices, leagues or individuals may not know the history of individuals joining their league, by asking for references and sharing experiences we can help ensure that every member of our leagues is vetted appropriately before joining.

Medical Team Guide to Roller Derby

We are delighted to announce that we have been working behind the scenes with Mark “Pastor IcePax” Dolan to bring you a new medical team guide to roller derby.

Our medical guide is for all leagues to download, it’ll allow your medics to read all about roller derby, the rules and how to handle interaction with attendees at events.

Our guide can be downloaded from the following link

or by emailing

We hope you find this guide useful.