Want to be a part of Team Wales? Applications now open!


In 2014 Team Wales competed at the Blood & Thunder World Cup, coming 17th and showing the world that Wales was firmly on the roller derby map.


In the run- up, Team Wales hosted the Road to Dallas tournament and competed in the first European roller derby tournament for national squads.

Want to be part of being the next Team Wales? The UKRDA is proud to announce that applications are now open for the following roles:

  • Team Wales Head Coach 
  • Team Wales Assistant Coach 
  • Team Wales Line Up Manager 
  • Team Wales Manager

Applications close at midnight on Friday, January 22, 2016, and shortlisting will be completed by Saturday, January 30, 2016. All shortlisted candidates will then go forward to a vote, which will be completed by Friday, February 15, 2016,  and the successful candidates will formally take up their positions on Monday, March 1, 2016.

Application forms and details are available here:

 http://tinyurl.com/z2tg64q – Team Manager application 

 https://tinyurl.com/gsw2jso Coaching application, including head coach, assistant coach and line up manager     

Details of the application process can be found here:


Although the date of the next World Cup is not yet known, Team Wales and UKRDA are keen to start the process.

Tryouts for Team Wales have been booked for Sunday, April 24, 2016 in Birmingham (tryout details to be released in the near future. Candidates who apply for the above roles will be expected to be available for this and any further dates.

Presenting your Tattoo Freeze officials crews!


The UKRDA is delighted to announce the officials crews for the 2016 Tattoo Freeze Invitational.


Jean-Quad Grand Slam (THR)
Rocky Horror Ho (CHR)
Feminist Killjoy
Igor Maniac
Jerry Sling-Her
Jo Steele
Orla Skew
Quad’s Law
Rolfer Damage
Rollin Rat
sparks mae fly


Dr Stevel (THNSO)
Dor-Iain Grey (CHNSO)
So Solid Sue (CHNSO)
Judge Tread
Cupid Stunt
Stop! Hannah Time
Hurt-ratio Nelson
Linz & Needles
Yvel Saint Laurent
Rita Skateworth
ShakesFear ‘N’ Shove
Bomb Weasley
Honor Rampage
Hazel Hatton
Fran Solo
Jen O’side
Sara Tonin
Amy Farrah Foulher
Bath Vader
Thank you to everyone who applied.
Tattoo Freeze will take place on Sunday January 31 at the Telford International Centre.
The games that will be held will be:
  • Crash Test Brummies vs Super Smash Brollers
  • Liverpool Roller Birds vs Big Bucks High Rollers
  • Nottingham Roller Girls vs Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
  • Preston Roller Girls vs Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls
More details on the event can be found at the Tattoo Freeze website.

Tattoo Freeze head officials announced

Photo by Jason Ruffell - www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

Photo by Jason Ruffell – www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the head officials for the Tattoo Freeze Invitational.

They are:

THR: Jean-Quad Grand Slam
CHR: Rocky Horror Ho

THNSO: Dr Stevel
CHNSOs: Dor-Iain Grey & So Solid Sue

There is still a couple of days left to apply to be an official, announcer or volunteer at Tattoo Freeze, which will be held on Sunday January 31, 2016, at the International Centre in Telford.

The deadline is December 11, 2015, and anyone who would like to enter should fill in this application form. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience, we are looking for crews with a wide background, so even if you don’t have a massive CV, still apply!

If you have an questions about the positions, you can email officials@ukrda.org.uk.

Tattoo Freeze 2016


We’re going back to Tattoo Freeze!

Roller derby is one of the most popular events during the tattoo convention, and the UKRDA is once again holding its annual invitational at Tattoo Freeze, on Sunday January 31, 2016, at the International Centre in Telford.

The matches will be:

  • Crash Test Brummies vs Super Smash Brollers
  • Liverpool Roller Birds vs Big Bucks High Rollers
  • Nottingham Roller Girls vs Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
  • Preston Roller Girls vs Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls

We are looking for officials, announcers and volunteers to help make the Tattoo Freeze invitational a success. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience, we are looking for crews with a wide background, so even if you don’t have a massive CV, still apply!

If you are interested, please fill in the application formThe deadline for tournament and crew head officials and lead announcer is December 1, 2015. The deadline for all other positions is December 11, 2015.

If you have an questions about the positions, you can email officials@ukrda.org.uk.

Rankings released (finally)

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the delay in the release of this quarter’s rankings. We work hard to get them out as soon after the deadline as we can, however, sometimes there are circumstances that prevent this.

We are sorry and are aiming to get all rankings updates on time in future.

The new women’s rankings can be viewed here.

The new men’s rankings can be viewed here.

New UKRDA officials announced and next deadline for applying

Photo by Jason Ruffell - www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

Photo by Jason Ruffell – www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

The latest UKRDA independent officials applications have been adjudicated.

Joining us as an indy is:

So Solid Sue

Joining us as league-affiliated members are:

Jerry Sling-her (Bath Roller Derby Girls)
emKa (Auld Reekie Roller Girls)
Big Smack & Fries (Newcastle Roller Girls)
Cakeface (Furness Firecrackers)
Niko (Furness Firecrackers)
Dyna-MO (Furness Firecrackers)
Beth Thompson (Furness Firecrackers)
Shell Raiser (Furness Firecrackers)

The next round of applications will close on November 21, and applications received will be sorted by the Officials Admin Panel following that.

We announced the completion of our officials membership policy and the appointment of the Officials Admin Panel, which will process and decide on applications from officials, at the tail-end of last year.

Independent/non-UKRDA league officials can apply using the form here.

UKRDA league officials can apply using the form here.

All successful applicants will have to agree to follow the officials code of conduct, and sign confidentiality agreements and declarations, which can be viewed here.

UKRDA backs WFTDA and MRDA following FIRS/IOC letters

The UKRDA Board of Directors welcomes the letters from the WFTDA and MRDA to FIRS and the IOC, published publicly today (full copies of the letters, with an accompanying statement can be viewed on the WFTDA website).

These letters reasserted the position that the WFTDA is the governing body for roller derby and rejecting claims by FIRS or any other organisation which makes the same claim, with MRDA offering a statement of support.

The UKRDA, in accordance with its members’ wishes, has long aligned itself with both organisations, as our membership feels they embody the fundamental belief that roller derby should be run by its participants and not external bodies.

We agree that to allow FIRS to become the internationally recognised representative body for roller derby will have a detrimental impact on our sport, as it will not allow us to retain our autonomy  and independence. We feel it is important that the feelings of roller derby skaters, officials and organisers regarding this situation are shared with the IOC.

Although the UKRDA is a member of the British Roller Sports Federation (BRSF), which is in turn a member of FIRS, we have repeated our assertion that we do not recognise FIRS as an authority over roller derby, and we have refused to pay FIRS membership dues. Our continued membership in the BRSF ensures access to UK-based authorities such as Sport England, Sport Scotland and Sport Wales, which can and do support our members in a variety of ways, including funding.

We will continue to support both WFTDA and MRDA as long as our members feel that they are upholding this core belief.

If anyone has any questions about this, your UKRDA reps can post on the UKRDA forum or the directors can be emailed at directors@ukrda.org.uk.

Sports Accident Insurance now available through UKRDA

It’s something no-one in roller derby likes to talk about – injuries. But taking steps to protect yourself, and to make sure that if you are injured you are able to maintain your responsibilities, could take the pressure off should the dread “i word” affect you.

One of the biggest worries we hear from skaters and officials is what they will do if they get injured. Not only is not being able to take part devastating, but there can be serious consequences beyond sport, such as loss of earnings.

Sports Accident Insurance can help you deal with unexpected costs and allow you to stay stress-free as you heal, so you can focus on getting back in the game.

The UKRDA has worked with our insurance providers Jelf and Sportcover Europe to create this very affordable sports personal accident cover for officials and skaters because we are serious about roller derby and those who play it.

The insurance covers accidental injury that occurs if you are playing, practising or training, as well as during travel to and from scheduled games, training sessions or while on a roller derby tour.

The policy provides benefits that will help with rehabilitation and recovery following a sports accident. As an additional option, you can choose to protect your income, so if you’re injured and not receiving your normal pay, the policy will provide some financial support during that time.

If you are the main breadwinner in your home, ask yourself, who will pay the bills if I can’t? Will my sick pay cover everything?

You can tailor our sports accident insurance to suit your individual needs – and budget.

The most important issues can be taken care of – accidental death and permanent total disability, income protection, medical expenses and dental treatment.

UKRDA sport accident insurance offers three levels of cover, Bronze, Silver and Gold, with Bronze cover starting from as little as £6.32 per year. This is a small cost to ensure your peace of mind. There is also the possibility to bespoke your own level of cover, for example if you need to protect a high income.

Speak to your UKRDA rep to find out more and to apply to keep yourself protected, or email insurance@ukrda.org.uk for more information.

UKRDA strikes deal on bespoke roller derby insurance

The UKRDA is proud to announce its partnership with Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd.

This new relationship will allow Jelf – working exclusively with Sportcover Europe – to provide the UKRDA and its members with bespoke insurance, tailored to suit the needs of a roller derby skater, official and league. They also provide support and risk management services.

Sportcover Europe are one of the world’s leading specialists in sports and leisure insurance and the partnership allows UKRDA to offer the RIGHT insurance to members at a special low premium rate.

The club insurance package includes public liability, professional indemnity and employers’ liability cover, which are essential to ensure that your league, your coaches, skaters, officials and volunteers – as well as all of your events – are properly insured.

There are also additional options for skaters, including Sport Accident Cover from as low as £5 per annum, which insures skaters against personal injury when playing roller derby.

And there is travel insurance at very competitive rates, so that teams and officials are covered while travelling to play roller derby, which will be accepted at WFTDA tournaments and events.

Enquiries can be directed to insurance@ukrda.org.uk

Welcome to Furness Firecrackers!

Furness FirecrackersFurness Firecrackers formed from very humble beginnings in late 2010. Since then despite the challenges of geography, Barrow being at the bottom of a peninsula, an hour or two away from any cities, it has grown to produce two fantastic ladies teams (The Furness Firecrackers and The Flaming Noras) and our men’s team the Barrow Infernos!

The Firecrackers are the only roller derby league in the large county of Cumbria which makes sharing difficult at times, however they strive to visit and support nearby teams whenever and however possible and pride themselves on being a sporting, friendly, supportive and inclusive league. Although currently without a suitable venue for training or bouts they continue to run newbie intakes and train on and off skates in a derelict factory canteen. This demonstrates the commitment and determination of the league to the sport of roller derby. The fact that Furness have managed to increase their league membership at this time is a testament to the team spirit and resilience.

This year the Firecrackers have focused on the British Championships with both the men and the ladies A team performing well in their respective tiers, the men also playing in the Men’s European Cup this year.

“We are pleased to be joining the UKRDA and intend to contribute with the same level of positivity and enthusiasm we dedicate to our own league. We look forward to seeing you on or off the track soon.”