Welcome to Croydon Roller Derby!

Croydon Roller DerbyA comparatively small ‘London league’ founded in 2009, CRD has come staggeringly far in its five years. With no venue to begin with their skaters would practice outdoors in an Ikea car park or in Croydon’s St George’s walk. Today Croydon’s A Team, Riot Squad, is ranked 20th in Europe and they also have a fantastic B Team, Vice Squad. CRD continue to spread the word about the league and roller derby in general, with fantastic fundraisers, bouts against formidable opponents, and extremely tasteful calendars. CRD want to show you what they lack in size and number they make up for in dedication, resilience and victories.

Despite the sport’s rapid evolution, Croydon’s league values have remained the same. Their intensive coaching focuses on honing the strengths and talents of every individual to make the team the best it can possibly be. Both teams take the sport very seriously and everyone is encouraged to help out with committee work. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like – CRD are only interested in your potential to be great.

2015 looks to be a fantastic year for CRD; they will be holding a rookie intake in March 2015 and their A Team, Riot Squad, will compete in the British Championships.

We are Croydon Roller Derby – London’s youngest league and home to one of the top teams in Europe.

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Welcome to the Liverpool Roller Birds!

RollerbirdsLiverpool’s only roller derby team was founded in 2009. Since then, the Roller Birds’ A-team (Sisters of Mersey) and their B-team (Yellow Shovemarines) have been wowing their fans at their home venue (Greenbank Sports Academy) and on the road.

This dynamic league is always looking to grow and progress, challenging themselves by skating teams ranked higher or travelling far and wide. Having just celebrated their 5th birthday, they are participating in British Championships T3 Division this year.

Check them out!

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Welcome to Wiltshire Roller Derby!

Wiltshire Roller DerbyWiltshire Roller Derby is currently Wiltshire’s only league and attracts members from mainly the north of the county. Formed in early 2012, they began bouting later that same year and held their first open home bout in January 2013.

Throughout 2013 Wiltshire focussed on expanding the team with regular Freshmeat intakes and getting themselves known within the Roller Derby community by competing in the Heartland Series (where they finished fifth within their region).

2014 was a fantastic year full of bootcamps (both hosted and attended), mixed scrims and mixed openers, which played a big part in their improved our previous Heartlands Series position, coming fourth in their division, as well as winning a mini tournament hosted by Big Bucks.
The men’s team, the Wiltshire Jambusters, also started recruiting last year and are slowly gaining members and attending more mixed men’s/co-ed games to gain experience.

Thanks to the invaluable tips learned at the first UK Roller Derby Conference, 2015 will see many changes for the league and we are all excited to see where this takes them. Wiltshire’s Freshmeat program has particularly benefited from the conference and you will be seeing a lot of fresh faces on track very soon. Wiltshire are proudly taking part in the British Roller Derby Championships this year and are looking forward to meeting and playing all the new teams in their division!

Wiltshire remain a small league but are committed to promoting their team and sport in a positive way by raising money for charity, building positive relationships with local media and businesses, and supporting the local skate shop owned skate warehouse with their events.

WRD fully embrace the by the skater, for the skater ethos and will be working hard this year to continue to grow and develop the team, promote and raise awareness of the sport in the county and continue to help their local community.

UKRDA has already helped us immensely and we are proud to be affiliated with such a positive organisation, helping us and many other leagues in our efforts to grow and develop our sport.

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UKRDA officials applications now open!

Photo by Jason Ruffell - www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

Photo by Jason Ruffell – www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

The UKRDA is now welcoming the first round of applications from independent officials and non-UKRDA league officials who want to apply to be individual members of the organisation. We are also allowing UKRDA member league officials to apply to become UKRDA registered officials.

We announced the completion of our officials membership policy and the appointment of the Officials Admin Panel, which will process and decide on applications from officials, at the tail-end of last year.

The panel is now ready to welcome the first round of applications.

Independent/non-UKRDA league officials can apply using the form here.

UKRDA league officials can apply using the form here.

All successful applicants will have to agree to follow the officials code of conduct, and sign confidentiality agreements and declarations, which can be viewed here.

The closing date for applications is Saturday, February 21. A full timeline for independent officials applications can be viewed here.

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Welcome to Basingstoke Bullets Roller Derby!

Basingstoke BulletsFormed in Spring 2011, and still retaining a majority of their original members, North Hampshire’s first and only Roller Derby team, the Bullets, are made up of skaters from all over Hampshire and Berkshire. Starting with very little derby experience the team has built itself up year after year, from humble beginnings skating outdoors to regular twice weekly indoor training.

We aim to achieve great success as a bouting league by staying true to the ethos which the league was founded on; collaboration and always striving to meet challenges. In 2014 this materialised in our involvement in the Heartlands Series – which provided a massive challenge to our league both because of the high level of skill in the teams we faced, and the logistics of managing a year-long programme of games. We were excited to rise to these challenges, and all others the future holds for us.

We feel honoured to be involved in UKRDA, an organisation which we hold in high regard.

We feel that we are a friendly and welcoming group of people, who support each other and complement each other well.

We have been an active part of Eastbourne Extreme run by the Bourne Bombshells for 3 consecutive years, the first year as NSOs, and the last two years as skaters.

An integral component of our current and future success as a competitive league is collaboration – both through supporting current and new talent within the league to bring ideas and help shape the league we are, and by building strong relationships with other local teams.

Our place in the local community is very important to us, and through our charitable and volunteering work we have been aiming to increase the awareness of our league, the existence of Roller Derby, and the positive effects of our sport. Over the past few years the league has done sponsored walks and skating marathons to raise money for local and national sporting charities, and volunteered at many local sports events. In 2014 we climbed Snowdon in support of Sebastian’s Action Trust, a charity in Hampshire that provides holiday retreats and support for children with terminal illness and their families. We managed to raise nearly £5000 for this wonderful charity.

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The first Officials Admin Panel has been appointed!

Photo by Jason Ruffell - www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

Photo by Jason Ruffell

The UKRDA is happy to announce the appointment of the first ever Officials Admin Panel.

The panel will process applications from independent or non-UKRDA league officials who want to join the UKRDA, as part of a new membership policy voted in by the UKRDA membership at the tail end of 2014. As well as creating a network of independent officials, it will also increase the resources available to UKRDA league-affiliated officials.

The panel is made up of:

  • Ma Might
  • Rocky Horror Ho
  • Cherry Fury
  • Stat Damon
  • Maw Deuce

The window for submitting applications will open soon, so keep an eye out!

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2015 Q1 Rankings

The latest rankings have been released. Auld Reekie Roller Girls held onto the top spot, with Brighton Rockers Roller Derby moving up one place to ninth.

Plymouth City Roller Girls, Swansea City Roller Derby and Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby also feature for the first time in the rankings.

Rank Team Rating Diff
1 Auld Reekie Roller Girls 731.7 0.0
2 Glasgow Roller Derby 727.4 0.0
3 Tiger Bay Brawlers 715.8 -5.2
4 Rainy City Roller Girls 681.1 +9.5
5 Middlesborough Milk Rollers 672.4 +6.8
6 Leeds Roller Dolls 670.6 +7.0
7 Hot Wheel Roller Derby 662.5 0.0
8 Central City Rollergirls 655.3 -1.6
9 Brighton Rockers Roller Deby 643.6 +2.8
10 Royal Windsor Roller Girls 643.2 0.0
11 Hereford Roller Girls 624.6 0.0
12 Newcastle Roller Girls 623.5 -7.6
13 London Rockin’ Rollers 622.2 +29.9
14 Hellfire Harlots 619.7 -8.9
15 Portsmouth Roller Wenches 611.2 -2.9
16 Cambridge Rollerbillies 609.8 +44.6
17 Plymouth City Roller Girls 607.6 Initial
18 Birmingham Blitz Dames 601.2 +25.4
19 Seaside Sirens Roller Girls 593.4 0.0
20 Hulls Angels Roller Dames 590.5 0.0
21 Sheffield Steel Rollergirls 587.4 0.0
22 Manchester Roller Derby 584.4 0.0
23 Lincolnshire Bombers 576.9 0.0
24 Swansea City Roller Derby 571.6 Initial
25 Bristol Roller Derby 571.2 0.0
26 Granite City Roller Girls 568.8 0.0
27 Reaper Roller Girls 565.7 0.0
28 Kent Roller Girls 565.1 0.0
29 Oxford Roller Derby 563.8 -1.7
30 Big Bucks High Rollers 561.5 -17.7
31 Dolly Rockit Rollers 559.0 0.0
32 Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby 551.7 Initial
33 Severn Roller Torrent 550.7 0.0
34 Haunted City Rollers 544.7 0.0
35 Fierce Valley Roller Derby 538.2 0.0
36 Milton Keynes Roller Derby 536.7 +10.4
37 Dundee Roller Girls 522.4 0.0
38 Rebellion Roller Derby 521.1 0.0
39 The Norfolk Brawds 473.1 0.0
40 Bourne Bombshells 440.6 0.0

These rankings are based on paperwork submitted by December 31st, 2014. If any games were played before this date but the paperwork was not received and verified by UKRDA, then those games would not contribute to these rankings.

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Tattoo Freeze officials and volunteers announced


The UKRDA is please to announce the officials and volunteers who will be taking part in the 2015 Tattoo Freeze tournament.

Rocky Horror Ho (THR)
Razor (CHR)
Jean Quad Grand Slam (CHR)
Captain Kickard
Quad’s Law
Yvel Saint Laurent
Rollin’ Rat
Julius Seesya
stubble entrendre
Zebra Harry
Danger Russ
Orla Skew
Eddie Whizzard

Ma Might (THNSO)
Pettichoke (CHNSO/THNSO)
Pretty Miffed (CHNSO)
So Solid Sue
Crossbow Peep
Pushin’ Daisy
Elli-Wan Kenobi
Stop! Hannah Time
Dr Stevel
Cupid Stunt
Roll Darl’
Drew E. Decimaul
Wild Honey
Honor Rampage
Skye Bruise
Mrs Cake
Erika Jones

Holly Sheet (Lead Announcer)
Robert Quadriguez
Smashlyn Munroe

Eight teams will be taking part in Tattoo Freeze 2015 on Sunday, January 11, at the International Centre, Telford.

For more information, about Tattoo Freeze, go to the event website.

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New UKRDA officials policy unveiled

Photo by Jason Ruffell - www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

Photo by Jason Ruffell – www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

The UKDRA is pleased to announce its new Membership Policy on Independent/Non­-UKRDA League Officials.

This new policy allows officials to become members of the UKRDA without being affiliated to a member league. It will also create an environment for officials to come together and share information and experiences, and enhance the training and development of UK-based officials.

Director Ma Might, who has been leading the creation of the policy, said:

“The UKRDA members voted this policy in because they believe in acknowledging the contribution that so many quality officials in the UK make to the sport of roller derby.

“Additionally, the UKRDA member leagues wish to support the ongoing growth and development of those individuals, regardless of if they are affiliated to a league, UKRDA or otherwise.”

The full policy can be read here.

The first round of applications for officials membership will be opening in January, so watch this space, and get your paperwork ready now so that you can apply as soon as they are open.

As part of the publication of this policy, the UKRDA has opened applications for the 2015 Officials Admin Panel. This panel’s main job will be to assess any applications for officials membership to UKRDA.

The panel will be made up of two referees, two NSOs, and one skater. The skater must come from a UKRDA member league. The other panel members must reside primarily in the UK and for the 2015 position will be granted UKRDA Independent Official membership if they are not already UKRDA members through league affiliation.

For a full description of the role of a panel member, click here.

Nominations are open until 8pm on Tuesday, December 16, and nominees will have until 8pm on Thursday, December 18 to accept their nomination and provide any additional information. We hope to announce the appointed panel at our AGM in January.

To apply to serve on the panel, click here.

To nominate someone else as a potential panel member, click here.

Any questions about the Independent Officials Policy, or the work of the Officials Admin Panel, can be emailed to OAP@ukrda.org.uk.

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Good luck Team Scotland and Team Wales!

10354829_642869365798358_6179312829668424970_n 10455300_312624748897318_2468908919879705613_n

Skaters and bench crews representing Team Wales and Team Scotland have already started making their way to Dallas for the 2014 Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup, which starts on Thursday.

We just want to wish them the best of luck. Hit ’em hard, ladies!

(Also, to all the referees, NSOs, and volunteers heading out to help making the world cup the best ever – good luck!!)

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