Welcome to Bath Roller Derby Girls!

Bath Roller Derby GirlsBath Roller Derby Girls were founded in 2012, and strive to uphold their reputation as an exceptionally friendly league, who give back to the roller derby community, and throw everything they have into their training and on-track performance.

They’re incredibly proud of their solid skater retention rate, which they attribute to the emphasis placed on team spirit, support for all abilities and the league’s collective attitude of inclusivity. As a result of this loyalty to the league, BRDG has enjoyed steady, continuous growth since starting up, leading to the establishment of strong A and B Travel Teams (both climbing the rankings) and regular full rosters for our bouts.

Membership of the UKRDA is an important milestone in the story of our league; we’re delighted that we can play a part in the promotion, support and growth of roller derby, and are excited to see what the future holds, as our own league develops alongside.

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Welcome to Red, White and Bruise Rollers!

Red, White and Bruise RollersThe Red, White, and Bruise Rollers are a group of Yanks associated with the military in the UK. Some are military dependants, some are active-duty military, a few are contractors, and all are all die-hard derby fans.

RWBR are based out of RAF Lakenheath and were established June 2012.

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British Champs Premier Tier live stream

You can watch all the action from Glasgow this weekend, right here on the UKRDA website!

Don’t miss a moment of the games, featuring Glasgow Roller Derby, Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Tiger Bay Brawlers, Central City Rollergirls, Middlesbrough Milk Rollers and Rainy City Roller Girls.

For a full schedule of the games, visit the event page on Facebook.

If you have any difficulty with the embedded stream, you can visit the stream page directly at https://livestream.com/derbyduckproductions/BRDC15glasgow

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British Champs Premier tier event to be live streamed

British Roller Derby Championships

The UKRDA is pleased to announce that this weekend’s British Championships Premier tier games will be streamed live online.

The weekend of derby, which is being hosted by Glasgow Roller Derby, will be free to view, and is being provided by Derby Duck Productions.

The UKRDA has been working with DDP and GRD to make the idea of showing the weekend online a reality. The link will be made available on UKRDA social media channels very soon.

Vice chairperson and head of communications, Chasing Katy, said: “This is a great opportunity for the UKRDA to help promote the sport of roller derby. The Premier tier features some of the highest ranked teams in the UK, so it’s great that we can let people around the world see the quality of roller derby we have here.

“Helping to facilitate live-streaming of games has been something the organisation has hoped to do for a while now, and we hope that it will allow people who are new to derby to have the chance to watch the sport we all love.”

The event has been made possible in part by grant funding, and by sponsorship and advertising.

For more information or advice about live streaming, please email info@ukrda.org.uk. If you are interested in sponsorship packages for this or future UKRDA events then please contact sponsorship@ukrda.org.uk

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Need help hosting the next roller derby world cup?

It’s great to see that applications are being sought to host the 2017 Blood and Thunder World Cup.

The UKRDA would like to offer its help and support to any UK league or leagues who are planning to put in a bid for the event.

Bringing the world cup to these shores would be a massive achievement for UK roller derby, and would show the world how great we are at putting on successful events.

The UKRDA can offer help and support in a number of areas, including accessing funding, creating bid documents, helping to scout potential venues, among many others.

If you are working on a bid and would like the UKRDA’s help, please email directors@ukrda.org.uk.

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New charter submission tool will be available as open-source software

Following an overwhelmingly positive vote by UKRDA members, we are pleased to announce that our new digital charter submission tool Muster will be released under an open-source software license.

The objective of releasing the software is to encourage community involvement in the development of Muster, so that a larger number of users can benefit from its capabilities.

The initial version of Muster is still in production, with a tentative release date for version 1.0 being in October 2015. Effective immediately, however, the source code for Muster is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. The source code is hosted on the UKRDA Github account here: https://github.com/ukrda/muster

The UKRDA will continue to maintain an “official” version of Muster, which will include all of the new functionality developed by both the UKRDA development team and any contributions by other members of the community.

We encourage developers to contribute enhancements and improvements to the Muster source code through the standard Github fork/pull-request model. Any contributions will be happily evaluated for inclusion in upcoming releases.

We look forward to exciting new opportunities on improving Muster and making it easier to use!

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2015 Q2 Rankings

The Q2 rankings have been released, and there has been a change at the top, with Glasgow Roller Derby leapfrogging Auld Reekie Roller Girls into the number 1 position.

Belfast, Croydon, Nottingham, Liverpool and Halifax all make their first appearance in the rankings.

**NOTE: These rankings are the positions as of April 1, 2015, and the UKRDA apologises for the delay in the release of the information.**

Rank Team Rating Diff
1 Glasgow Roller Derby 739.4 +12
2 Auld Reekie Roller Girls 720.7 -11.0
3 Tiger Bay Brawlers 718.9 +3.1
4 Middlesborough Milk Rollers 683.4 +11.0
5 Rainy City Roller Girls 667.5 -13.6
6 Leeds Roller Dolls 665.7 -4.9
7 Nottingham Hellfire Harlots 660.0 +40.3
8 Royal Windsor Roller Girls 658.7 +15.5
9 Newcastle Roller Girls 654.8 +31.3
10 Central City Rollergirls 653.8 -1.5
11 Hot Wheel Roller Derby 644.8 -17.7
12 London Rockin’ Rollers 627.7 +5.5
13 Brighton Rockers Roller Deby 625.7 -17.9
14 Belfast Roller Derby 617.9 Initial
15 Cambridge Rollerbillies 611.7 +1.9
16 Swansea City Roller Derby 610.8 +32.9
17 Plymouth City Roller Girls 607.6 0.0
18 Croydon Roller Derby 600.4 Initial
19 Manchester Roller Derby 593.4 +9.0
20 Portsmouth Roller Wenches 592.5 -18.7
21 Bristol Roller Derby 589.9 +18.7
22 Birmingham Blitz Dames 587.8 -13.4
23 Hereford Roller Girls 582.0 -42.6
24 Sheffield Steel Rollergirls 580.7 -6.7
25 Lincolnshire Bombers 576.9 0.0
26 Seaside Siren Roller Girls 575.9 -17.5
27 Nottingham Roller Girls 575.3 Initial
28 Reaper Roller Girls 565.7 0.0
29 Oxford Roller Derby 564.9 +0.9
30 Kent Roller Girls 563.3 -1.8
31 Dundee Roller Girls 562.7 +40.3
32 Big Bucks High Rollers 561.5 0.0
33 Hulls Angels Roller Dames 560.9 -29.6
34 Dolly Rockit Rollers 560.7 +1.7
35 Liverpool Roller Birds 552.1 Initial
36 Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby 551.7 0.0
37 Severn Roller Torrent 550.7 0.0
38 Haunted City Rollers 544.7 0.0
39 Fierce Valley Roller Derby 538.2 0.0
40 Milton Keynes Roller Derby 535.9 -0.8
41 Granite City Roller Girls 535.2 -33.6
42 Halifax Bruising Banditas 521.7 Initial
43 Rebellion Roller Derby 510.3 -10.8
44 The Norfolk Brawds 481.6 +8.5
45 Eastbourne Roller Derby 440.6 0.0

Note: these rankings are based on paperwork submitted by March 31st. If any games were played before this date but the paperwork was not received and verified by UKRDA, then those games would not contribute to these rankings.

You can also view past rankings posts using the rankings tag.

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UKRDA officials applications open again!

Photo by Jason Ruffell - www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

Photo by Jason Ruffell – www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk

The UKRDA is now welcoming the second round of applications from independent officials and non-UKRDA league officials who want to apply to be individual members of the organisation. We are also allowing UKRDA member league officials to apply to become UKRDA registered officials.

We announced the completion of our officials membership policy and the appointment of the Officials Admin Panel, which will process and decide on applications from officials, at the tail-end of last year.

The panel is now ready to welcome new applications.

Independent/non-UKRDA league officials can apply using the form here.

UKRDA league officials can apply using the form here.

All successful applicants will have to agree to follow the officials code of conduct, and sign confidentiality agreements and declarations, which can be viewed here.

The closing date for applications is Saturday, May 16. A full timeline for independent officials applications can be viewed here.

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Welcome to our new officials!

Photo by Andrew Sims - www.andrewsimsimages.co.uk

Photo by Andrew Sims – www.andrewsimsimages.co.uk

The UKRDA is pleased to announce the new Independent and League-Affiliated Officials.

Suga Buzz
Iron Dan
Emmeline Pancakehurst
Hairy Mark
Duncan Disorderly
stubble entendre
The B reF G
Linz & Needles
Elli-Wan Kenobi
Anneka Vice
Blind Io
Defying Gravity
Eddie Whizzard
Judge Tread
Stop! Hannah Time
Bobus Maximus
Mags Payne
Krystal Vice
Kirds ‘n’ Slay
Major Lee Strict
Rolfer Damage
Newtons Law
Hetty Swooters
Xavier Bacon
Killer Bite
Mrs Cake
Cupid Stunt
Wolverine Bruise
Rolling Milly
Rollin Rat
Jean-Quad Grand Slam
Mr Soft
Ref Metal
Julius Seesya
Matt the Knife
Orla Skew
Matt Newton
Sparks Mae Fly
Roll Darl’
Rocky Horror Ho
Ma Might
Cherry Fury
Stat Damon
Honor Rampage
Yvel Saint Laurent
Metal Ed
Pushin’ Daisy
Peggy Kreuger

If you applied and haven’t received an email, please check your spam folder or email oap@ukrda.org.uk.

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Welcome to Nottingham Roller Derby!

Nottingham Roller DerbyNottingham Roller Derby is a coed league with active women’s and men’s teams; Nottingham Roller Girls and Super Smash Brollers. It’s an exciting time for Nottingham Roller Derby, with both teams competing in the British Championships, and our B teams set to make their open game debuts this year.

Nottingham Roller Derby (NRD) was formed in 2013, merging established teams Nottingham Roller Girls (2009) and Super Smash Brollers (2011). With 80 members, NRD is a healthy sized league with a professional attitude and structure.

NRD’s dedicated NSO crew is in high demand, with Head NSO Cupid Stunt as divisional Head NSO in the 2015 women’s British Championships. The referee crew has also grown in strength and numbers, with two refereeing open games and a further five dedicated referees in training.

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