Member Leagues

Below is some information on leagues that are UKRDA members. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information by emailing, or click on the links below!

Each of these leagues is also able to write references for new membership applications.

League Contact Website Facebook
Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Basingstoke Bullets Roller Derby
Bath Roller Derby Girls
Belfast Roller Derby
Big Bucks High Rollers
Birmingham Blitz Dames
Bourne Bombshells
Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Bristol Roller Derby
Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Cambridge Rollerbillies
Central City Rollergirls
Crash Test Brummies
Croydon Roller Derby
Dolly Rockit Rollers
Dundee Roller Girls
Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Furness Firecrackers
Glasgow Roller Derby
Granite City Roller Girls
Haunted City Rollers
Hereford Roller Girls
Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Kent Roller Girls
Leeds Roller Dolls
Lincolnshire Bombers
Liverpool Roller Birds
London Rockin’ Rollers
London Rollergirls
Manchester Roller Derby
Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Milton Keynes Roller Derby
Neath Port Talbot Roller Derby
Newcastle Roller Girls
Norfolk Roller Derby
Nottingham Hellfire Harlots
Nottingham Roller Derby
Oxford Roller Derby
Plymouth City Roller Girls
Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Preston Roller Girls
Rainy City Roller Derby
Reaper Roller Derby
Rebellion Roller Derby
Red, White and Bruise Rollers
Roller Derby Leicester
Royal Windsor Rollergirls
Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Severn Roller Torrent
Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Southern Discomfort Roller Derby
Southwest Angels of Terror
Swansea City Roller Derby
The Inhuman League
Tiger Bay Brawlers
Vendetta Vixens
Wiltshire Roller Derby
Wirral Whipiteres
Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Wrexham Rejects