New UKRDA officials policy unveiled

Photo by Jason Ruffell -

Photo by Jason Ruffell –

The UKDRA is pleased to announce its new Membership Policy on Independent/Non­-UKRDA League Officials.

This new policy allows officials to become members of the UKRDA without being affiliated to a member league. It will also create an environment for officials to come together and share information and experiences, and enhance the training and development of UK-based officials.

Director Ma Might, who has been leading the creation of the policy, said:

“The UKRDA members voted this policy in because they believe in acknowledging the contribution that so many quality officials in the UK make to the sport of roller derby.

“Additionally, the UKRDA member leagues wish to support the ongoing growth and development of those individuals, regardless of if they are affiliated to a league, UKRDA or otherwise.”

The full policy can be read here.

The first round of applications for officials membership will be opening in January, so watch this space, and get your paperwork ready now so that you can apply as soon as they are open.

As part of the publication of this policy, the UKRDA has opened applications for the 2015 Officials Admin Panel. This panel’s main job will be to assess any applications for officials membership to UKRDA.

The panel will be made up of two referees, two NSOs, and one skater. The skater must come from a UKRDA member league. The other panel members must reside primarily in the UK and for the 2015 position will be granted UKRDA Independent Official membership if they are not already UKRDA members through league affiliation.

For a full description of the role of a panel member, click here.

Nominations are open until 8pm on Tuesday, December 16, and nominees will have until 8pm on Thursday, December 18 to accept their nomination and provide any additional information. We hope to announce the appointed panel at our AGM in January.

To apply to serve on the panel, click here.

To nominate someone else as a potential panel member, click here.

Any questions about the Independent Officials Policy, or the work of the Officials Admin Panel, can be emailed to

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Good luck Team Scotland and Team Wales!

10354829_642869365798358_6179312829668424970_n 10455300_312624748897318_2468908919879705613_n

Skaters and bench crews representing Team Wales and Team Scotland have already started making their way to Dallas for the 2014 Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup, which starts on Thursday.

We just want to wish them the best of luck. Hit ‘em hard, ladies!

(Also, to all the referees, NSOs, and volunteers heading out to help making the world cup the best ever – good luck!!)

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UKRDA’s role in British Championships


Sorry for the delay, but we didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag about the men’s element!

There have been recent questions about what UKRDA’s involvement in the British Championship will be, and the potential implications of this. We would like to set the record straight so as to save any further speculation or misunderstanding.

The UKRDA was approached by the developers of the British Champs concept to be involved with the organisation of the tournament as it was felt that the national expansion of the event should be in consultation with the national governing body of the sport. The UKRDA’s involvement was discussed on our forum at length with our member leagues – including those already involved with Heartlands 2014, those who have signed up for the British Championships, and those who declined to take part – who voted overwhelmingly in favour of involvement.

The 2015 British Championships tournament is structured so that UKRDA can have direct oversight of the top two tiers, which will be wholly made up of our members.

All tiers and divisions will be run by the representatives of the teams therein. As with everything in roller derby this tournament is to be run by the leagues, for the leagues, with support from democratically appointed individuals, as per the structure diagram prepared by the British Championships team. This tournament has UKRDA’s approval as it has been put together for the benefit of the UK roller derby community, with support from UKRDA’s directors and some guidance from WFTDA.

The tiers will be governed by the Divisional Heads, who will in turn be supported in their role by the overall governance structure of the tournament.

We have also been working with MRDA to ensure that the men’s side of the tournament is compatible with the women’s side, and to ensure a high standard of oversight throughout.

What we’ve done so far includes developing a support structure for the tier and divisional management, including the formation of a panel to oversee the appointment of key tournament staff and volunteers.

UKRDA has had direct involvement in the development of a comprehensive support network for officials taking on management roles within the 2015 tournament structure and expect the structure to be one that enables officials at higher levels, but also one that nurtures and promotes development for officials early in their derby lives.

No financial support from UKRDA has been agreed at this time and the tournament is planned to run on the teams’ entry fees. There are a number of options being investigated, but these are ongoing and will be announced if and when they are confirmed.

As this is the first time a UK tournament of this type as taken place, there may be teething problems as we go along. However, we are confident that any potential issues can be resolved through proper skater representation and fair, flexible management. This structure is one that will greatly benefit the UK roller derby community, from the grassroots to the top tiers of the game in our country.

We hope that we can build on the work done putting the 2015 British Champs together, as well as the hard work going into creating a British men’s championships, and can create the biggest and best UK-based roller derby tournaments.

The UKRDA directors are happy to answer any questions about our role in the British Championships.

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Tattoo Freeze 2015 teams announced!

ctb logo PRW Logo quads logo Rebellion-Roller-Derby-Logo THE_NORFOLK_BRAWDS_Logov1 THE_NORFOLK_BRAWDS_Logov1League2014

We are happy to announce that eight teams will be taking part in Tattoo Freeze 2015 on Sunday, January 11, at the International Centre, Telford.

And for the first time, we will be holding men’s roller derby games.

Teams and Schedule
10am: Rebellion Roller Derby vs The Norfolk Brawds
Midday: The Inhuman League vs Quads of War
2pm: Manchester Roller Derby’s Checker Broads vs Portsmouth Roller Wenches
4pm: Manchester Roller Derby’s New Wheeled Order vs Crash Test Brummies

Medical coverage for the games will be provided by our sponsors, GB-EMS.GBEMS-medium-1000x723pxGBEMS

For more information, about Tattoo Freeze, go to the event website.

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Tattoo Freeze 2015 – Officials, announcers and volunteers, we need you!

We would like to welcome all applications for officiating, announcer and volunteer positions for Tattoo Freeze 2015. The event details can be found at the top of the form.

UKRDA looks to invest positively in the roller derby officiating community and as such we will be selecting individuals with a range of experience (i.e. you may not have the most experience in order to be selected).

We look forward to receiving your application and working with you.

To fill in the form click here.

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The UKRDA is trying to get an idea of the matters surrounding insurance for roller derby  leagues, and we need your input.

This survey is open to all leagues (whether they are UKRDA members or not), and all information will be treated sensitively.

You can fill out the survey here.

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UKROC Galleries

Photography from the very first United Kingdom Roller Derby Open Conference have been released. The event was a huge success, and thanks to the magnificent efforts of MDP Images, we have the pleasure of sharing images from the ground breaking weekend with the community.


Full galleries of both days have been uploaded to the UKRDA Facebook Page – the Saturday gallery is here, and the Sunday gallery is here.

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Tiger Bay Brawlers win European Capital of Sports award

Billie Pistol, Brock'n Roller  and Boba Fettish collecting the award.

Billie Pistol, Brock’n Roller and Boba Fettish collecting the award.

Tiger Bay Brawlers are delighted to announce they have won the 2014 European Capital of Sports Senior Team of the year award.

Collecting their award during the awards dinner (at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff), Brock’n Roller said: “At the start of 2014 we knew this was going to be a special year for us.  But we never imagined we would representing roller derby at such a prestigious event.

“Winning this award is a massive achievement for us, and will help us promote roller derby alongside more established sports.”

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Welcome to Roller Derby Leicester!

Roller Derby LeicesterRoller Derby Leicester (RDL) was formed in November 2013, by a group of experienced and novice roller derby players with the joint mission of growing the sport with a professional approach.

Almost a year on and the league has doubled in size to some 50 members, a mixture of seasoned players, rookies, new recruits, officials and volunteers.

RDL currently has one competing travel team, with a view to creating a B-Team in the near future. RDL is passionate about growing the sport in the Midlands, hosting boot camps to assist in the development of other local leagues.

RDL’s travel team enjoyed unprecedented success in their debut 2014 season, and to-date remain unbeaten. Since starting out unranked at their formation in November 2013, the Jackals have leapt a full 326 rankings places, and are currently 34th in Europe and 19th in the UK on Flat Track Stats.

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Welcome to Plymouth City Roller Girls!

Plymouth City Roller GirlsPlymouth City Roller Girls (PCRG) was formed in 2010, beginning as a small group of skaters with no experience but a passion to introduce roller derby to Plymouth.

Now, 4 years on they are a multi layered league with an A and B team who are actively bouting within the UK and Europe. There are around 60 people who make up PCRG today, including skaters, refs, NSOs as well as their loyal supporters.

PCRG were pivotal in launching the South West Season, which has now concluded it’s second year and has seen both our A and B teams take part. PCRG A is one of many teams taking part in the Heartland Series and have qualified for the final, taking place in November, which we are eagerly anticipating. PCRG are proudly sponsored by Roller Derby City and Annabel’s Cabaret and Discotheque.

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