2014 Q2 Rankings

The quarter 2 rankings for 2014 have been released! Haunted City Rollers and Reaper Roller Girls make an entry after their Tattoo Freeze debut, and Manchester Roller Derby make an entry after their narrow defeat to Birmingham Blitz Dames in January.

The biggest risers are Central City Rollergirls after their defeat of Dolly Rocket Rollers at Tattoo Freeze.

The UKRDA 2014 Q2 rankings are applicable from April 1st and are as follows:

Rank Team Rating Diff
1 Auld Reekie Roller Girls 734.0
2 Glasgow Roller Derby 732.2
3 Tiger Bay Brawlers 707.4 -3.0
4 Middlesbrough Milk Rollers 676.5 +6.0
5 Rainy City Roller Girls 674.7 +8.2
6 Central City Rollergirls 666.5 +46.6
7 Leeds Roller Dolls 664.6 +0.1
8 Newcastle Roller Girls 645.6 +8.2
9 Brighton Rockers Roller Derby 644.5
10 Hot Wheel Roller Derby 642.9
11 Royal Windsor Roller Girls 637.5 -29.2
12 Hellfire Harlots 634.3 +6.8
13 Seaside Sirens Roller Girls 611.5 -0.4
14 Bristol Roller Derby (Women’s) 603.2
15 London Rockin Rollers 589.6
16 Lincolnshire Bombers 585.1
17 Sheffield Steel Rollergirls 582.8
18 Big Bucks High Rollers 568.2
19 Granite City Roller Girls 566.0
20 Reaper Roller Girls 565.7 Initial
21 Cambridge Rollerbillies 565.2
22 Dolly Rockit Rollers 560.4 -43.6
23 Kent Roller Girls 555.4 -18.5
24 Severn Roller Torrent 550.7
25 Haunted City Rollers 544.7 Initial
26 Birmingham Blitz Dames 539.0 +19.0
27 Manchester Roller Derby (Women’s) 532.0 Initial
28 The Norfolk Brawds 484.1


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Tattoo Freeze 2014 NSO T-Shirts!

We have just picked up the T-shirts for our NSO’s at Tattoo Freeze tomorrow! What do you think? You guys are going to look awesome right? We’d like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to our friends at www.Octomuffin.co.uk for organising these for us.


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Tattoo Freeze 2014 Sponsors

UKRDA are excited to announce the sponsors for Tattoo Freeze 2014!

We would like to thank Wenlock Water for keeping our thirsty skaters and officials hydrated; Octomuffin, for kindly supplying and printing the T-shirts for the officials team; and finally, GB-EMS for once again providing medical cover for the event.

tattoo-freeze-2014-sponsorsWe can’t run these events without the help of companies like this supporting us, so thanks again to all involved in the above!

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Tattoo Freeze Tickets!

Tattoo Freeze is nearly upon us! Tickets are still on sale for your chance to watch four UKRDA sanctioned bouts featuring teams from across the country. We know the teams are excited, are you? Get your tickets from the Tattoo Freeze website now!


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Team Scotland Trials – Round 2 Skaters Announced!

Team Scotland is pleased to announce the 40 skaters who have progressed to round 2 trials for Team Scotland:

Admiral Attackbar – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Anita B Nasty – Newcastle Roller Girls
Cara Viola – Glasgow Roller Derby
Circuit Breaker – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Clinically Wasted – Granite City Roller Girls
Crazylegs – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Fight Cub – Granite City Roller Girls
Fun Ghoul – Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Ginge – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Jess E. Ska – Glasgow Roller Derby
Marshall Lawless – Glasgow Roller Derby
Megan Hyndman – Glasgow Roller Derby
Milky – Dundee Roller Girls
Minnie Riot – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
MISS COLLIE-CHECK – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Missy Rascal – Rainy City Roller Girls
Mo B Quick – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Mona Rampage – Glasgow Roller Derby
Rock’N Riot – Granite City Roller Girls
Rogue Runner – Glasgow Roller Derby
Ruby Riot – Granite City Roller Girls
Sarah Oates – London Roller Girls
Scot-LAND a Hit – ICT Roller Girls, Kansas.
Skinner Alive – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Splat – Glasgow Roller Derby
Suffra Jett – Glasgow Roller Derby
The Bexorcist – Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Unprotected Bex – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Velosidy – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Whiskey Galore – Glasgow Roller Derby
Mazzy Chaos! – Glasgow Roller Derby
Ciderella – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Dr Carnage – Dundee Roller Girls
Yin & Bang – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Kiki – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Killer Bite – Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Caitlin O’Carroll – Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Oona Bomber – Rainy City Roller Girls
Zoe Wannabreakher – Glasgow Roller Derby
Moscow Cruel – Granite City Roller Girls

Thanks to each and every skater who tried out, it was great to see you all there!  Round 2 will be held Sunday, January 12th at Grangemouth Sports Centre.  Congratulations to everyone and can’t wait for the 12th!!

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Officials and Announcers for Tattoo Freeze 2014

UKRDA are proud to announce the following officials and announcers will be working at the upcoming Tattoo Freeze UKRDA Invitational 2014 event in Telford on the 12th January:


Tournament Head NSOs: Ma Might and B Ref G

Crew Head: JC Danger

  • MissChief
  • Dr Stevel
  • DisorderLee
  • Lizzee Rascal
  • Anull Tramwa
  • WhackHer Phoenix
  • Emmeline Pancakehurst
  • Hairy Mark
  • Krystal Vice
  • Honor Rampage
  • Yvel Saint Laurent

Crew Head: Pettichoke

  • Iron Monger
  • McG
  • Sarah Wilkins
  • Fried Wheely
  • Jack Sour Mash
  • Scrappy Dooooom
  • Statpuss
  • Leanne T Virus
  • Daniella Smith
  • Orla Skew
  • Elli-Wan Kenobi
  • Suga Buzz


Tournament Head Referee: Cherry Fury

Assistant Tournament Head Referee: Xavier Bacon

Crew Head Ref: Crash Test Ref

  • Scream Winchester
  • Von Sleaze
  • Rocky Horror Ho
  • Tre Cruel
  • Rollin Rat
  • Quad’s Law
  • Anton Deck

Crew Head Ref: Xavier Bacon

  • stubble entendre
  • Fu Man Drew
  • Igor Maniac
  • Metal Ed
  • Eddie Whizzard
  • Skabarella
  • Cerbeross


  • Biertrix
  • Holly Sheet
  • Smashlyn Monroe
  • Yours Truly
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2014 Q1 Rankings and Tattoo Freeze 2014 Seeding

The UKRDA 2014 Q1 rankings are applicable from January 1st and are as follows:
1. Auld Reekie Roller Girls 733.9
2. Glasgow Roller Derby 732.4
3. Tiger Bay Brawlers 706.5 (Initial ranking)
4. Rainy City Roller Girls 666.9
5. Middlesbrough Milk Rollers 665.1
6. Royal Windsor Roller Girls 664.9
7. Leeds Roller Dolls 660.0
8. Brighton Rockers Roller Derby 644.3
9. Hot Wheel Roller Derby 640.1
10. Newcastle Roller Girls 631.3
11. Hellfire Harlots 628.3
12. Central City Rollergirls 623.4
13. Seaside Siren Roller Girls 604.2
14. Bristol Roller Derby (Women’s) 603.5
15. Dolly Rockit Rollers 594.8
16. Lincolnshire Bombers 588.6
17. London Rockin’ Rollers 581.3
18. Sheffield Steel Rollergirls 578.3
19. Big Bucks High Rollers 572.5
20. Granite City Roller Girls 570.4
21. Kent Roller Girls 566.9
22. Cambridge Rollerbillies 564.3
23. Severn Roller Torrent 547.7
24. Birmingham Blitz Dames 518.0
25. The Norfolk Brawds 490.3
This ranking has been used to set the seeds for Tattoo Freeze Invitational, taking place on January 12th in Telford, West Midlands. Here are the teams matches and the bout times:
10am: Reaper Roller Girls vs Haunted City Rollers
12pm: Kent Roller Girls vs Birmingham Blitz Dames
2pm: Central City Rollergirls vs Dolly Rockit Rollers
4pm: Newcastle Roller Girls vs Hellfire Harlots
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Welcome to the Bourne Bombshells!

Formed back in 2011 the Bourne Bombshells is made up of skaters from Hastings,
Eastbourne, Brighton and surrounding areas.

Starting out with just 8 skaters the league has expanded consisting now of more
than 35 skaters ranging from Fresh Meat through to an Internationally bouting

The Bombshells have also been the stars of Eastbourne Extreme over the last 2
years, successfully hosting the only outdoor roller derby event in the UK.
Starting out with a one day tournament in 2012, this year’s two day event was a
phenomenal success introducing leagues from all over the country to the joys of
skating by the sea in the sunshine.

The ethos of the Bombshells is what makes them so strong with grit,
determination, teamwork and love of carvery and cakes being valued as much as
skating skill and talent.

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Tattoo Freeze 2014 – Key Officials Announced

Tattoo Freeze is fast approaching and we’ve got some of our key officials already sorted;  Ma Might and BrefG are Tournament Head NSOs and Pettichoke and JC Danger will be Crew Head NSOs.

There are a couple of days left for you to apply for NSO, referee and announcer positions, the deadline is the 1st Dec.

You can apply using the application form here:

Tattoo Freeze Invitational Officiating Application


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UKRDA attends Women in Sport Inaugural Conference

This month we sent UKRDA Board Director Gareth off to Leicester for the inaugural Women in Sport conference.  Gareth, who attended on behalf of all the UKRDA leagues said,

Attending the WPS 2013 conference was a truly eye opening experience. Discovering that there are so many people and organisations who are passionate about supporting and developing women’s sport was positively inspiring. I have learned a lot about the industry and met some amazing people over the last couple of days, many of whom were very enthusiastic about working with the UK derby community through UKRDA to help legitimise, promote and grow the sport. Thanks to WPS & WSFF for arranging this event, I would highly recommend attending the next one planned for September 2014.”

Now Gareth will be working with UKRDA leagues to develop promotional strategies based around the information available at the conference and the UKRDA is planning more discussion with WPS and WSFF around inclusivity and cultural diversity within our sport.

The picture shows, from right to left - Gareth Lowson UKRDA board director, Louise Tanner, Communications Manager at Womens Sport and Fitness Foundation, Mark Palmer, CEO of Women Play Sport and Brusin' Banshee from Leeds Roller Dolls.

The picture shows, from right to left – Gareth Lowson UKRDA board director, Louise Tanner, Communications Manager at Womens Sport and Fitness Foundation, Mark Palmer, CEO of Women Play Sport and Brusin’ Banshee from Leeds Roller Dolls.

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