Member Leagues

Auld Reekie Roller Girls — Edinburgh, Scotland

Belfast Roller Derby  – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Big Bucks High Rollers — High Wycombe, England

Birmingham Blitz Dames — Birmingham, England

Bourne Bombshells — Hastings/Eastbourne, England

Brighton Rockers — Brighton, England

Bristol Roller Derby — Bristol, England

Bruising Banditas Roller Derby — Halifax, England

Cambridge Rollerbillies — Cambridge, England

Cardiff Roller Girls — Cardiff, Wales

Central City Rollergirls — Birmingham, England

Crash Test Brummies — Birmingham, England

Dolly Rockit Rollers — Leicester, England

Dundee Roller Girls — Dundee, Scotland

Fierce Valley Roller Girls — Forth Valley, Scotland

Glasgow Roller Derby — Glasgow, Scotland

Granite City Roller Girls — Aberdeen, Scotland

Haunted City Rollers — Derby, England

Hereford Roller Girls — Hereford, England

Hot Wheel Roller Derby — West Yorkshire, England

Hulls Angels Roller Dames — Kingston upon Hull, England

Kent Roller Girls – Kent, England

Leeds Roller Dolls — Leeds, England

Lincolnshire Bombers — Lincoln/Newark, England

London Rockin’ Rollers — London, England

London Rollergirls — London, England

Manchester Roller Derby — Manchester, England

Middlesbrough Milk Rollers — Middlesbrough, England

Milton Keynes Roller Derby — Milton Keynes, England

Neath Port Talbot Roller Derby — Neath Port Talbot, Wales

Newcastle Roller Girls — Newcastle, England

Norfolk Brawds — Norfolk, England

Nottingham Hellfire Harlots — Nottingham, England

Oxford Roller Derby — Oxford, Endland

Portsmouth Roller Wenches — Portsmouth, England

Rainy City Rollergirls — Manchester, England

Reaper Roller Girls — Swansea, Wales

Rebellion Roller Derby — Bedfordshire, England

Royal Windsor Rollergirls — Windsor, England

Seaside Sirens Roller Girls — Southend-on-Sea England

Severn Roller Torrent — Gloucestershire, England

Sheffield Steel Rollergirls — Sheffield, England

South West Angels of Terror — Devon/Somerset, England

Swansea City Roller Derby — Swansea, Wales

The Inhuman League – Sheffield, England

Tiger Bay Brawlers — Cardiff, Wales

Wirral Whipiteres — Wirral, England

Wolverhampton Honour Rollers — Wolverhampton, England

Wrexham Rejects — Wrexham, Wales

The member leagues listed above are all able to write references for new membership applications.